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FSU appeal decision extended with NCAA

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  • FSU appeal decision extended with NCAA

    It's a big deal b/c the one music class where test answers were supplied opened pandora's box, & now 62 FSU athletes in 12 sports face forfeiture of games they played. The NCAA is investigating widespread academic cheating in multiple classes.

    It's magnified by Bobby Bowden's retirement goal of the career NCAA wins mark has been moved out by a couple of yrs. if he is to get ahead of JoePa, who is +1 on Bowden at this time. The Seminoles could forfeit up to 14 wins, at least 2 yrs. of wins that Bowden would have to make up if he is to retire with the record, & he turns 80 this yr.

    Factor in that Penn St. has a better team by most estimates in 09 than FSU & will probably win the Big 10 this yr. & that all but gives the record to Paterno.

    Maybe JoePa will finally retire in Feb. 2010 after all. It's all in how the NCAA rules on FSU's appeal, & if the Seminoles lose as expected, how many FB wins are subtracted from Bowden.
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    The NCAA never has any idea what's going on, USC straight up pays players but just ignored it and nothing has come from that. FSU took action the second they knew something happened, they self reported, suspended players for 4 games (lost 2), everyone involved from the academic side of things was fired and they've implemented new things to keep this from. The NCAA is just clueless, they've never taken situations into account and say that you should self report but don't take it into account when you do.

    I really don't care about the wins and I really won't feel one way or the other what happens with the appeal, it's not going to change Bobby Bowden whether or not he has the record. I would just like the NCAA in general to quit being so stupid.



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