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  • Mark Herzlich- Message From Dad

    As many obviously know, BC LB Mark Herzlich was diagnosed with cancer. I know not everybody follows the Clemson off-season thread, so I thought I would post this here for everybody. I thought it was cool for Mr. Herzlich to take the time to post the following on Clemson's free board:


    Thanks to Clemson fans and program

    Some of you may know me because I've come on here before talking about the respect I've got for Clemson fans but most of you won't. My son is Mark Herzlich, the Boston College linebacker recently diagnosed with bone cancer. I just wanted to come on here and once again say how classy the entire Clemson program is.

    Since Mark was diagnosed, we've received kind wishes from all over the country, but nothing like whats come from Clemson, S.C. Mark's received a card signed by the team. He received a personal note from Coach Swinney. Yesterday he received a Clemson football signed by more members of the squad.

    My first exposure to Clemson fans was in the fall of 2006 when BC played Clemson in Boston. The local bars were full of people dressed in orange handing out $2 bills with tiger paws stamped on them. Both endzones were full of orange jerseys. The best thing though was that everyone was enjoying the game, the festivities and the competition without hate or confrontation and with plenty of respect. My thought was, "if Clemson folks are this great on the road, I've got to go down there and see them at home!"

    I went to Clemson for our game in 2007 and wasn't disappointed. Probably the greatest college football game atmosphere I'd ever enjoyed! Fans were friendly and welcoming and truly enjoying the day. Best away trip I've ever been on.

    Last year was a repeat of 2005. Orange clad fans everywhere. Many taking pictures of BC fans tailgating in a 6 story parking garage - that's just something you don't see in the South! Importantly, y'all won that game and were every bit as courteous and enjoyable in victory as you had been in defeat. True fans. Mark's not going to be able to play this year but we're planning on going to Clemson for the game anyway because I know it will be a great experience.

    Anyway - thanks for being a credit to college football fans and thanks to your program for all the support they've shown to Mark. It's refreshing to see a program that understands that the people you play are your opponents and competitors - not your enemies.

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    Can you link please?


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      I have a subscription to the BC message board on rivals and he writes on there all the time, he is definitely a class act just like his son. Clemson has made some really nice gestures to the Herzlichs it looks like, that is great to see.


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        I am very happy to hear this. Very classy on both sides. I really do pray Mark Herzlich can fully recover from his cancer.

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