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Most talented college football teams with SOPH, JR and SR talent.

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    Florida has the best secondary.....
    Originally posted by YAYareaRB View Post
    Alabama might challenge for that title this year.
    Maybe in 2010 & 2011, Dre Kirkpatrick & Demarcus Milliner will be the best CB tandem in the country if they develop in proportion to their 2009 rankings. Milliner has consistently run 4.27 & 4.3 40s, was #1 ranked corner in the nation.

    More Bama embellishment:

    Alabama: They have outstanding defensive backs and two of the best corners around in Arenas and Jackson, then you have Woodall who is a beast at safety. The linebackers are more than just good with McClain and Hightower. The defensive line will lean on Cody who should be in much better shape than last season. On offense they have some talented running backs that will have to lead the way and Jones is a special weapon at receiver. But they have to fill major holes in the offensive line and at the quarterback position.
    QB McElroy
    RB Upchurch, Grant, Ingram, Fr. Trent Richardson ranked #1 nationally
    WR All America Julio Jones
    TE Chk. out Collin Peek, jr. TE transfer from Georgia Tech, s/b an instant impact
    OL M. Johnson
    DL 1st team All America Terrance Cody (could be best NFL prospect 3-4 2-gap NT since Kris Jenkins?) Brandon Deaderick & Lorenzo Washington at DEs
    1st Team All America LB Rolando McClain, Hightower, Hall
    CB Arenas, Jackson
    S Woodall
    Some pundits say the Tide defense has the best front 7 in the country.

    If their opener vs. Va. Tech shows the o-line gelling & McElroy with some chemistry with Julio Jones, Alabama will make a lot of offensive noise in the most brutal division of any conference in the country, the SEC West. Their defense will have at least 2 1st round draft picks, maybe 4 1st day picks if Kareem Jackson at CB & Hightower at ILB emerge as expected & you're looking at a top 5, maybe top 3 Div. 1 scoring defense. If the Crimson Tide contend in the BCS again this yr. their overwhelming defense will be the horse Saban rides to a BCS bowl. I predict 10-2 in 2009 if everybody stays healthy & a New Yrs. day bowl game.
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      Originally posted by GhostDeini View Post
      Ray Ray Armstrong > Hill & Finley
      whatever you say


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        Originally posted by Javzz View Post
        Cutrera's slotted to start MLB. Dunno how it will work out, hopefully everything comes together for him.

        I'd say off the top of my head the main positions up for grabs going into fall is CB opposite Peterson, SS, center,and 3rd WR. Losing Molton hurts, Randle's going to have to have a big contribution this year. Right now I'd guess C Mitchell is probably the third guy. He showed some potential and made some big plays, just needs to not drop the ball. Now that the quarterback isn't going to be locked in on LaFell every play(hopefully), we're going to need 2 or 3 recievers to step up with LaFell. with the offense Crowton runs.
        I'm late to the party here, but I figure I'll address it anyway..

        Cutrera, I think, was actually the fastest LB on the team last year not named Ryan Baker. The linebackers are solid at the top but very thin. I'd like to see Baker get on the field some this year because I think he has the talent to really be a good one. Coleman will be a good rotational player but I don't think he'll start straight away.

        At WR I think you've got LaFell and Toliver at the top obviously. The 3rd guy, I think, could end up being Chris Tolliver. Chris Mitchell is pretty good but I like Tolliver too.

        Then there's Rueben Randle.

        DeAngelo Peterson is a straight-away TE, btw. He's bulked up a TON. I think they list him at 240 now. He's freakish..he's never been a burner, even at 190 coming out of high school, but he's fast enough to stretch the field at tight end when lined up against linebackers.

        I also think Karnell Hatcher could start over Ron Brooks, as good as Brooks has looked. I don't know where that leaves Loston, but I'd imagine he gets in there somewhere this year.

        the defensive line is going to be fierce. Alem and Pep Levingston outside (imo..maybe Corley, but I think Pep) with Nevis and Woods (and Charles Alexander too) at DT.

        Sam Montgomery will play some this year as a freshman. D-line looks to be the strong point of the defense this year to me.
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          Originally posted by Ozzy View Post
          First off I would take Oklahoma's QB, RBs, and TEs over Florida's anyday.

          As far as FSU goes well they have very talented players but most of them have to prove a lot. I like a lot of their defensive backs and linebackers but most have to put up or shut up, last year they were really talented as an overall group but did not reach their team potential. I would take the two stars in UNCs defensive backfield over any on Florida State. Then UNCs defensive line is potentially better than FSU as well and so are their linebackers. And unlike FSU, UNC has actual running backs on their roster, FSU has nobody in terms of who was on the team last season.
          FSU's starting RB Jermaine Thomas played quite a bit last year, and played very well. He averaged over 7 yards a carry and will probably look better than Antone Smith did this past year. I don't care to get into this argument because its homer fest, just felt like clearing that up.



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