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    Originally posted by etk View Post
    "Joining host nation the United States as an automatic qualifier will be Canada. The Canadians will hold the No. 1 seed with the U.S. claiming the No. 2 seed.

    "We felt that Canada's exceptional record in international junior competition during recent years warranted the top seed," Wiking added. "The United States is recognized as the home of the sport and is expected to be a strong contender for the championship."

    Canada's junior national team has consistently impressed on an international platform by winning the past three NFL Global Junior Championships, held during Super Bowl week from 1997 to 2007. They were also crowned champions in 2000."

    Ignorant, cocky Americans. History doesn't lie....don't sleep on Canada.

    I'm pretty sure Riley Skinner was on the US team that lost in the most recent tournament to Canada. It was a close, low-scoring game IIRC.
    Cocky isn't a bad thing. I would rather be cocky than a nation full of pussies like Canada.


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      "What you saw here, this was not an all-star team." Team USA coach Chuck Kyle said. "I am going to look you in the eye and tell you until the day I die this is not an all-star team. This was a team that had about a week-and-half to two weeks to get ready for our first game. Kids came from all over America. They came together for the love of the game of football and for the love of their country."

      Haha, a team that hardly had any preparation time beat the crap out of everybody.

      Sleep on Canada.



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