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Things to Look Forward to in '09

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  • Things to Look Forward to in '09

    Some things I'm really looking forward to.

    - An Eric Berry interception return
    - Bryan Bulaga pancaking some poor DE
    - Tim Tebow on 3rd and 2.
    - Taylor Mays laying out the next WR who thinks it's safe to go across Mays' middle.
    - Brandon Graham bullrushing an unsuspecting RT for a huge sack.
    - Noel Devine in the open field
    - Jahvid Best juking a LB out of his jock.
    - Colt McCoy to Malcolm Williams on a fly pattern.
    - People trying to cover Jermaine Gresham.
    - Dez Bryant making a ridiculous catch in double coverage.
    - Julio Jones leaping 37 feet in the air to make a jaw-dropping catch.
    - Brandon Spikes blowing up a RB
    - Jonathan Dwyer in the triple option version 2
    - Brandon James on a punt return
    - Golden Tate going deep
    - Terrelle Pryor on a bootleg
    - Arthur Brown blowing some fools up.
    - Navorro Bowman roaming the field.
    - Patrick Peterson locking down receivers
    - Rolando McClain bearing down on a QB like a missile.
    - Dexter McCluster in the Wildcat
    - Charles Scott bulldozing his way through the pile.
    - A Ryan Mallett laser beam just over the outstretched hands of a DB and into the hands of D.J Williams.
    - Jeremiah Masoli lowering his shoulder
    - Damian Williams leaving DBs in his dust with his silky-smooth route-running.
    - Watching defenders bounce off of Arrelious Benn like they're tennis balls.
    - Russel Okung pass-blocking.

    That's just a few. What are some of yours?

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    Ahhhhh football season is almost here!


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      Michigan getting beat by Notre Dame.


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        Good list. I got some more

        - Eric Berry running the Wild Berry
        - Tebow in a close game
        - Sean Spence messing people up
        - The One Man Show (RG3)
        - Jake Locker coming back from injury
        - LeGarrette Blount hurdling someone
        - Miami scaring Oklahoma


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          Seeing Tim Tebow win another Heisman
          Seeing Tim Tebow win another Championship
          Seeing the UT massacre (I would give anything to see that **** live)


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            my one that is not homer related is jake locker getting back to top level (except the ND game please)

            Saints 2014 draft wish list:
            - No pass rusher till the fourth round (or preferably at all)
            - Corner or Wideout in the first
            - No reaching
            - No Kelvin Benjamin


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              -Al Woods eating Tim Tebow for dinner
              -The next good Mountain West team.
              -Charles Scott helping the Tigers to a BCS bowl.
              -Brandon Spikes laying hat all season long.
              -Jahvid Best scoring left and right.
              -George Selvie leading the nation in sacks.
              -Demarco Murray establishing himself as the #1 RB in the class.
              -Colt McCoy establishing himself as the #1 QB in the class.
              -Dez Bryant making a one handed catch to win a game.
              -Penn State winning the Big 10 Outright.
              -Oregon State winning the Pac-10
              -LSU winning the SEC
              -North Carolina winning the ACC


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                Watching DBs trying to tackle Julio Jones.


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                  jahvid best shaking DB's out their socks.

                  PM me for sigs.


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                    Originally posted by StackJaxx View Post
                    jahvid best shaking DB's out their socks.
                    I second that one.


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                      Florida winning SEC
                      Florida also dominating LSU, any other rivals.
                      Seeing Carlos Dunlap win the Rimington
                      Watching the Pouncey's dominate the O-Line
                      Seeing Spikes dominate opposing RBs
                      Watching the UF secondary just go to work.

                      Outside of UF stuff...

                      UNC winning the ACC
                      USC's yearly major upset


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                        Jerrod Johnson winning games.
                        Jeff Fuller catching TDs.
                        Von Miller making sacks.
                        Trent Hunter continuing to be a bad ass.

                        Pick the Winners Champion 2008 | 2011


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                          Iowa surprising the country

                          Pat Angerer leading the Big Ten in interceptions


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                            Originally posted by ToldLikeItIs View Post
                            Iowa surprising the country
                            What does that mean? Sounds like you're hedging your bets to me. Rose Bowl? National Championship? Come on...sack up.

                            Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                              This guy



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