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    I actually think the did a pretty good job. But the fact that they didn't distinguish between DB's, OLine and D-Line messed it up a bit.


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      Originally posted by srv fan View Post
      If this list is supposed to be based on how impressive a player's overall career was, rather than their peak ability, I guess it's alright, but if we were actually making a team based off peak abiity, I would change it.

      1) Sub Vince in for Tebow.

      2) The OL listings are lame, they just put a bunch of left tackles + Greg Eslinger. I would go Joe Thomas, Jake Long, Greg Eslinger, maybe Davin Joseph and Logan Mankins.

      3) Same with the DL and three defensive ends... how about Glenn Dorsey, and Haloti Ngata or Tommie Harris as the other defensive tackle?

      4) Derrick Johnson, AJ Hawk, and Teddy Lehman for linebackers.

      5) Need one more CB to go along with Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, and Terence Newman.
      1) NO, Tebow is one of the greatest college QBs. He has the hardware and is going for more this season. Vince Young was a great player but I just don't see him beating Tebow out for this one.

      2) Logan Mankins definitely deserves some mention so you're good.

      3) I would have Tommie Harris and Glenn Dorsey on the interior of the D-Line.

      4) You're right on this one. There's a good group of LBs I would put before JL.

      5) Carlos Rogers wasn't too shabby in his hay day.


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        Add Nnamdi
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          I would have Terrell Suggs ahead of David Pollack too.


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            Originally posted by ToldLikeItIs View Post
            Add Nnamdi
            To a college all-decade team?


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              Greg Eslinger, that is just awesome he is on the list, too bad he never turned out for the Broncos, which was kind of a surprise considering the offense they run.

              Hard to argue most of these, but yeah James on here is kind of a question mark, but if you take his entire body of work it is not, only as a senior he play really dropped.



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