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Who are the 2009 Freshman that will make the biggest impact?

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    Originally posted by Saints 4 Lyfe View Post
    heard Eddie Lacy looks better than Richardson at this point.
    They've both looked good. One way or another, a super-talented runningback will get major playing time.


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      Originally posted by Sniper View Post
      That's Patrick Peterson. Patrick Patterson is a WR.
      oh shoot lol


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        BYU -

        Craig Bills - If he doesn't go on his mission, he could possibly challenge for a starting spot.

        Kyle Van Noy - Probably the most athletic person on the BYU defense and he's gonna fill in a LB. He could be scary in BYU's 3-4 defense.

        Adam Hine - Very athletic kid and will be the lightning part 2(Diluigi is part 1) to Unga's thunder. Very good things happen when he has the ball in his hands.


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          Originally posted by Hollywood View Post
          The addition of an undersized freshman WR who was not even the best player on his HS team will make the loss of the (without a doubt) best player on UF's roster barely noticeable? That is just dumb.
          No, but a healthy dose of Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey at RB is certainly going to help.


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            Originally posted by yourfavestoner View Post
            No, but a healthy dose of Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey at RB is certainly going to help.
            Certainly not Moody.

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              Originally posted by Sniper View Post
              You already mentioned him. I don't know how much he's going to play, though. Apparently, he's rail-thin and could really benefit from a RS year. It depends on what guys like Greg Banks, Marell Evans, Steve Watson and Brandon Herron do.
              well Marell Evans is leaving the team. Roh is probably the 2nd best pass rusher on the team in terms of ability, but he is too thin to play DE every down. So playing the Quick is a good option (where it's Herron or Watson neither of who are experienced pass rushers, and Greg Banks is probably moving to DT since Vince Helmuth is leaving the team too)


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                Originally posted by Ozzy View Post
                Well that is your opinion, however I say that because it makes their receiving core a lot more threatening and exciting than when they have the likes of, oh let us say Deonte Thompson. I would not fear any of the receivers on the roster really if Debouse did not go to Florida. I am saying Debouse has speed and is a major threat potentially, sure he could be a bust like anyone could, or he could be an absolute monster on the field.
                Deonte Thompson was just as highly ranked as Debose from an area that produces more stars than Debose's (at least spell his name right, btw) area. People just don't understand how truly great Percy Harvin was, he made that team. An undersized true freshman is going to make up for his loss.

                Originally posted by yourfavestoner View Post
                No, but a healthy dose of Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey at RB is certainly going to help.


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                  Originally posted by JFLO View Post
                  I'll list the ones who I think will, they go in order from the Rivals 100, so they aren't in any particular order...

                  Rueben Randle WR LSU

                  Sheldon Richardson DT Mizzou

                  Russell Shepherd QB LSU (one way or the other, whether it's at QB or he spots some plays at wideout)

                  Vontaze Burfict LB Arizona State

                  Jaccobi McDaniel DT Florida State

                  Craig Loston S LSU

                  Andre DeBose WR Florida

                  Branden Smith DB Georgia

                  David Wilson RB Va Tech

                  Patrick Patterson WR Ole Miss (big time stud)

                  Nu'Keese Richardson WR/RB Tennessee

                  If I were to pick the freshman with the biggest impact this year, I would pick either Rueben Randle or Jaccobi McDaniel.
                  lol, Sheldon Richardson didn't even make into Mizzou
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                    Loston will qualify most likely but he won't play this year because he's having wrist surgery.

                    Shepherd will play all over the field, I don't believe what Miles is saying now. He's the king of coach-speak and keeping it close to the vest. The dude has not looked like a threat throwing the ball so far but he's a freakish runner. They'll get the ball in his hands one way or the other.

                    Jefferson will start (Jarrett Lee has been looking way better too apparently but JJ will start) and Shep will be a change of pace/wildcat QB and will likely spend time playing in the slot and lined up at running back when they go to a shotgun look.

                    He's going to be LSU's Percy Harvin this year and probably for the foreseeable future because Chris Garrett is the better of the two at the QB position.
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                      Good things are being said about Dre Kirkpatrick. Possibly being our number 3 DB, and we play a lot of Nickel. So, hopefully he'll shine.



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