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    I feel bad for you guys. The most infamous Rutgers fan, rutgersal made his season prediction on one of the Rivals mainboards.

    This particular part made me LOL:

    "2009 sees the Rutgers Football team replete with talent, depth, and experience and with the potential to join College Footballs elite fraternity. I have Rutgers ranked third in my preseason
    poll, behind USC and Florida, but ahead of noted luminaries such as Texas, Oklahoma, and Penn State. Rutgers will win in 2009 because we are
    among the deepest, most intelligent, best conditioned, best coached, and most talented teams in the country."

    This is why Rutgers fans are some of the most hated on Rivals. Because of one major idiot, everyone flames the Rutgers fan base.

    I really feel bad for you guys.

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    But they have Scottyboy so it is all good.


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      Well at least we know it isn't Scotty because if this were Scotty, they'd be ranked #1.

      I actually expect Rutgers to win the Big East and go to a BCS Bowl.
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        This one is also great:

        Thats why I like to think of Rutgers as Harvard from Monday thru Friday
        and USC on Saturdays.


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          Everyone knows that Al is a joke, I don't get why people thinks he speaks for anyone living outside of his padded cell.


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            hey joe martinek is legit, and without teel they might actually have someone throwing a decent ball.


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              Haha RutgersAL made it here. As Jonny said every Rutgers fan knows Al is a joke. I don't know how it's possible but he is 100x worse than Scotty. This is not a knock on Scotty by the way who actually knows his stuff big time.

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                Phil Steele has Rutgers winning the Big East.

                Maybe a BCS berth isn't too far away either?

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