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    Originally posted by Smash-N-Dash View Post
    You won't lose to Kentucky @ Home unless you guys beat yourselves.

    I also agree with Saints 4 Lyfe that Auburn should be even higher.
    being an auburn fan i think the voters got it right where they put them. they play 2 mediocre teams at home and west virgina and miss st at home as well. and then went on the road and beat tennesse and have looked solid but not dominant. 17 is a good place to prove if they are for real on the road vs arkansas this week. also this arkansas game is at 11 CT compared to all 5 of their other games being at night so i have a feeling arkansas is going to pull an upset here.

    RIP, Sean Taylor.


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      From the SEC thread, the new BCS rankings are out, Alabama is No. 1!

      Big props to JT Jag for the link.
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        SEC top 3 lol


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          Wooo Iowa going to a BCS bowl!!!! Good thing the Harris and Coaches polls are ******* us, otherwise we'd be top 5 for an irrelevant ranking!!!!

          I still think it's really dumb that they make rankings, but then say each conference can only have 2 participants. AKA "Hey, you're really better than everyone else, but sorry you can't play because you're too good."



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