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2010 SWDC Heisman Discussion Thread

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    Originally posted by dabears10 View Post
    Don't want to hi-jack the thread, but would he be around in the 3rd round for the Bears?
    It is very possible.

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      Congrats to Mark Ingram! He was 2nd on my ballot behind Ndamukong Suh.


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        Mega-kudos to Mark Ingram for winning the Heisman!! All the Tide fans were very proud.

        I think the fact that Alabama had never won a Heisman after those 12 national titles really helped him in the Heisman voting. Being on the SI cover halped too, maybe that curse is a myth after all.

        Toby Gerhart will probably play pro baseball, that didn't win him any help with Heisman voters too, many of whom were hoping to see him in the NFL. It's undecided but I think Gerhart's going to play MLB


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          Heisman award makes it sick. It's so political. Mark Ingram ??? Are you freekin kidding me ? That guy is so average it's ridiculous. I see nothing special or elite about him. How can you guys just eat up everything they tell you ? Theres no way he's the most "outstanding college player in the nation". I just can't accept that just because theyre telling me he is.

          I've seen plenty of seasons better than his and those guys never even got invited to NY because of their teams record. It's a joke of an award. Most of the college awards are by the way.



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