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    So i am a Louisville fan and i am seeing that we are getting a lot of Florida coaches. SO my question is are they any good? Any information would be greatly recruited. They are Kevin Carter RB coach, and Vance Bedford DC. Also we have a new DL coach from Georgia Jon Fabris, if you know anything about him it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Bedford is a really good defensive backs coach. His defenses weren't very good when he was at Oklahoma State, but I think he deserves another chance at being a coordinator considering his body of work.


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      we also are getting a WR Coach named Dwanye Dixon, who also was at Florida two years ago. Its seeming like Louisville is trying to be UF of the North


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        Bedford is a fairly good recruiter from what I remember, and was/is a really good secondary coach. Even at OK State with poor defenses as a DC he developed some good secondary players


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          Bedford is responsible for Joe Haden. Literally. Haden had NEVER played CB when he came to UF.

          Carter is solid as well, don't know as much about him, though.



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