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Chances Alabama Repeats?

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    They're going to have a very good team, and have a great preseason rankoing, so a repeat is far from impossible.

    But I don't think it'll happen. They lose alot of defense and don't have a great QB. Saban will have that team very competitive though, so I'm not gonna rule it out.

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      Originally posted by Bengals78 View Post
      If thats the case, I dont see it ending well for the Buckeyes.
      The Bama defense will be just as good next year, maybe a slight bit off of this years. But the offense IMO will get better, a lot better. Expect a lot more of Richardson mixed with Ingram.
      If a lot of OSU's defense declares, I dont see them being able to fill in like Bama.
      Bama loses Cody and Deadrick but guys like Dareus will be only a year better. Nico Johnson and Dont'a Hightower will playing full strength. Imagine that LB core if McClain didnt declare!
      Yeah, no. OSU is only losing one player early, Gibson. They will be beasts on D next year and Alabama is losing some key guys. And OSU's O will be hard to stop next year. If it would end up Alabama against OSU, I go with the Buckeyes. They will have the best front 7 in the nation and Pryor will have his "Vince Young" type year. I know it's easy for everyone here to hate on OSU, but they are going to have the best team in football next year, IMO. The only thing stopping them might be away games at Iowa and Wisky.


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        Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
        UT is losing Colt, Shipley and 3 offensive lineman, that's a lot to replace. And Kindle, Houston and Muckelroy are all huge loses on defense. Texas will be good, good chance to repeat as Big 12 champions, but I don't see anyway they get back to the NC.
        The only loss that is even going to hurt is Colt. Mentioning Shipley doesn't really matter because our WR's were the deepest position on the entire team, Malcolm Williams(while he had a ****** game is still a beast at WR and another year will do him good, all the tools in the world), James Kirkendoll, Marquis Goodwin(who made a huge impact this year and will probably be the biggest playmaker out of the bunch) will lead the way, not to mention new recruits, guys like DJ Monroe getting work out of WR packages, Brandon Collins, AND John Chiles, last thing I'm worried about is WR's.

        The line loses people, but people were just bashing that same line to no end a few weeks ago, we'll be fine because we recruited pretty well there. On defense we lose 2 lineman, but people said the same thing when we lost Miller and Orakpo and 2 more guys stepped up, certain positions there is always talent waiting in the wings(Texas isn't the only school like this, same for schools like Ohio St. or USC when they lose a highly recruited LB and another one steps up).

        Our secondary is going to be a team strength even without Thomas. They have been a young group since 2 years ago and was our best recruited position that off-season, Aaron Williams, Chykie Brown, and Blake Gideon round out a very talented and experienced bunch that has been starting together for a long time.

        It all boils down to how well Gideon can play right off the bat, and how good the rest of the Big XII will be. I'm not expecting NC either, but if our OOC isn't that tough then we'd probably be favored every game except maybe OU and who knows how things could shake out. OK State drops off, Tech drops off, Kansas drops off, Nebraska loses Suh, I like Missouri but I need to see who we play on the road. NC game is probably out of the question but I don't see losing anyone that makes a big impact.

        Unfortunately Bama plays in the SEC and they'll get challenged by someone alot more frequently. They have a great chance to run the table again because McElroy, Ingram, and Julio is a nice core, even that freshman RB looked great. They have got to be early favorites, and that's not even taking into consideration if Saban finds a few more impact freshman to come in and contribute like he always seems to do.

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        I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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          Nope.. Geaux Tigers


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            Originally posted by LonghornsLegend View Post
            I have no doubt UT has talented guys that will fill in for the guys leaving, and some of them will have more talent, but that is a lot of experience to lose (the experience that they had coming into this season is why I thought they'd get to the NC this year before the season started). Shipley and McCoy were too of the biggest playmakers in the country this year, you don't just plug in guys to replace them. UT will be really good, maybe 12 win good, just don't see them in the NC.

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              I think they might repeat but I wouldnt give them the odds I gave florida last year. Their odds will also really depend on what mcclain does. With the things I hear that D has two leaders in arenas and mcclain and if they lose them both they will suffer because of it. However they will still be pretty good although Mike Johnson is also a rock star

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