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    Originally posted by murdamal86 View Post
    Sat Sep. 4- Miami (OH) Gainesville, FL -- W

    Sat Sep. 11- USF Gainesville, FL -- W

    Sat Sep. 18- Tennessee(SEC) Knoxville, TN -- W

    Sat Sep. 25- Kentucky(SEC) Gainesville, FL -- W

    Sat Oct. 2- Alabama(SEC) Tuscaloosa, AL -- L

    Sat Oct. 9- LSU(SEC) Gainesville, FL -- W

    Sat Oct. 16- Mississippi State(SEC) Gainesville, FL -- W

    Sat Oct. 30- Georgia(SEC) Jacksonville, FL -- W

    Sat Nov. 6- Vanderbilt(SEC) Nashville, TN -- W

    Sat Nov. 13- South Carolina(SEC) Gainesville, FL -- W

    Sat Nov. 20- Appalachian State Gainesville, FL -- W

    Sat Nov. 27- Florida State Tallahassee, FL -- W
    That would be ok with me, would mean a rematch with Bama in the SEC Championship game and most likely a shot in the BCS Championship game with a Win.

    I think people are nuts for proclaiming Bama as an automatic for next year though, they lost a lot. They could do it, but I dont see it happening.


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      Jelani is up to 225 lbs. Has been running with the 1's for the last week or so of practices then was the starting Mike for the Spring game.


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        I think Carl finally showed everyone what he is capable of.

        Trey Burton took off and had a 65+ yard run from inside his own 10 yard line. He played up to the hype our insider, Bob Redman, had put on him.

        Can't wait to see what Debose can do this year, he really looked good.

        Bostic had his right wrist wrapped after the game though. Doubt it was serious.

        CBs senior Moses Jenkins and and true frosh Josh Shaw (EE) played on both squads due to injuries and the decision to sit Janoris, because it's not like he needs to play in this game.

        Really want to see Omarius get some solid PT this year, too.


        Game recap:

        Game highlights:


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          One man's Post Spring depth chart:

          QB - Brantley, Burton, Reed/Henry

          RB - Demps, Gillislee, Moody, Brown Jr.

          FB - Pridemore, Wilks

          WR (X) - C. Moore, Alli, Coxson

          (Y) - Rainey, Debose, Patton, Clark

          (Z) - Thompson, Hines, Hammond/Lawrence, Williams

          TE - Reed, Christian, Parks

          LT - Nixon, Harrison, Patchan, C. Green

          LG - Wilson, Hurt, Halapio

          C - Pouncey, Robey, Koehne

          RG - C. Johnson Alajijian

          RT - Gilbert, Silberman, Young

          RE - W. Green, McCray/Johnson, Powell, Trail

          DT - Howard, Marsh, Easley

          DT - Hunter, Sanders, Floyd

          LE - Trattou, Lemmens, Okine

          SLB - Hicks, Edwards, Kitchens

          MLB - Je. Jenkins, Bostic, Beal, Taylor

          WLB - Jones, Finley, Ball, Ajagbe

          CB - Ja. Jenkins, Shaw, Watkins

          CB - J.Brown, M. Jenkins, Riggs/Bushell

          FS - Hill, Evans, Dowling

          SS - Black, Elam, Haden

          I tried to go three deep. Obviously I am guessing about the kids that didn't EE, but I don't think it's that far off, just have to wait how they do in the fall and see if they bump some vets on the depth chart.


          Elam was playing the nickel with the 1's.

          Halapio and Alajijian played alot with Nick taking a lot of reps at center.

          Alli was right there with Moore this spring, until he got hurt.

          It's tough to say where Parks fits come the fall, because Christian and Reed did so well.

          Patton was having the better spring out of he and Clark, until Soloman got hurt. I heard that one of them will definately RS this year since they are basically the same type of player.

          They do not want to burn incoming Frosh QB Murphy's RS this year, so Reed and Henry have been taking snaps as 3rd QB.

          Gillislee, by most accounts will be our #2 back this fall. This is not a knock on Moody, but it just seems that he always gets dinged up, because he runs so hard.

          Nixon had an average spring for whatever reason, but it's only going to get tougher, IMO when "Powie" gets here. He said he wants to be at 300 for the fall. He looks like he lost some weight.

          Saw Easley and Floyd at the spring game, they are huge. I think he said he was up to 290.

          Coxson was also quoted as saying he was up to 205. He looks stout for a WR.

          Michael Taylor was there and said that he was going to wear #51 this year.

          Dowling was also there and said that he is going to be on defense (rumors were that he was going to be tried out at WR first) and that he was going to mirror Dunkley and wear #5 on defense.

          I have read that the plan might be for Jelani to be Mike this year and then switch him over to Will and have Bostic at Mike in 2011. Also heard that our Mike and Will spots are pretty much the same position in our defense.

          Coach Urban was quoted as saying that if they had a game tomorrow, our other corner would be Brown. He also said that Moses is right there with him.

          I was there at the spring game and it was a blast. That's all I can remember right now.
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            man I hope Moody can stay healthy and get at least like 10 carries a game, although I think Gillisee is a STUD.

            Ive heard that Jelani Jenkins has been a monster. That Bostic and Beal have been playing solid, but that Jelani has just been awesome.


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              Yup. Jelani is beasting out.


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                Originally posted by ABoyNamedSuh View Post
                Kid was recruited for that position, specifically. That was a major selling point, having him and Floyd on the inside with Powie (Powell) and Trail on the outside. Granted Powie, Easley and Trail need to put on some weight and Trail most likely will RS this year.

                Could you elaborate on your post please? Thanks.
                Honestly, I think he would have been a much better DE than DT. He has a monstrous frame for a DE, and just a so-so frame for a DT. I also believe its not going to be a smooth transition for Easely, but he has time. He just has to add a ton of weight. I could see how he could become a good DT one day, but he was already an extremely talented DE.


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                  I saw him at the Spring game and he is already 290, according to him. This is a picture I took of him, Sharrif Floyd and a friend of mine.


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                    Nuff said.
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                    "I don't do Pro Days, we send our scouts to those. I would rather spend my time watching film. The eye in the sky never lies. Functional Strength and athletic ability are the first things we look for in a college prospect." - Mark Dominik, Buccaneers GM


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                      BTW, Brandon James signed with Indianaoplis, David Nelson signed with Buffalo, and Ryan Stamper signed with Detroit.

                      Dustin Doe has yet to sign with a team.

                      ABoynamedSuh is no more......I am using my screen name from now on. Long live Gerald McCoy!!!!!

                      "I don't do Pro Days, we send our scouts to those. I would rather spend my time watching film. The eye in the sky never lies. Functional Strength and athletic ability are the first things we look for in a college prospect." - Mark Dominik, Buccaneers GM


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                        The Pats had a huge weekend of bringing in Gators. Cunningham, Spikes, Hernandez, then we signed Gerard Warren. All of them will probably play big roles too, Warren will probably take over Jarvis Green's DE spot and he can play a few positions along the line.

                        I want Spikes to play next to Mayo immediately, we need a tough instinctive thumper and that is what he is. I have always liked Cunningham, I think he is a great for us. Hernandez will be a nice receiving option too, love the athleticism.


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                          I usually like to make predictions about certain position groups. I said it about the Alabama DB group that they would be the best in the nation last season. This year.. It has to be the gators, which is impressive having lost Wright and Haden. I'll be on the lookout for the Gators in 2010.. it seems like they got something to prove


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                            For sure. Will Hill, Janoris Jenkins, Ahmad Black, and a ton of other talent. Hill isn't really proven but people have been waiting to see what he can do for the Gators for 2 years. Can't wait to watch The Thrill.


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                              Adrian Bushell former Texas HS CB to transfer.


                              "I don't do Pro Days, we send our scouts to those. I would rather spend my time watching film. The eye in the sky never lies. Functional Strength and athletic ability are the first things we look for in a college prospect." - Mark Dominik, Buccaneers GM


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                                Latest and greatest Scholarship roster

                                A couple of notes:

                                Seems like there will be a battle for the #2 RB spot between Moody and Gillislee. I like that Moody runs hard and has been here what seems like forever, but I like Gillislee's upside and running style, too. I woul prefer Mike G., but I think Moody wins out.

                                We've had 3 WRs off scholarship. Frankie Hammond lost his but is working to get it back by proving it in practice and paying his way currently. T.J. Lawrence saw the writing on the wall with the talented kids that we have brought in the past two years and decided to transfer to FAMU. Adrian Coxson, has bolted to Maryland to reportedly "be closer to home". There has been some word out that he wanted to be allowed to transfer to Ohio State among other schools, but UF denied that. If you are home sick and are orginally from Maryland, why would you ask to transfer to OSU? Hmmm. Also being reported that Coxson noticed that kids from instate were treated differently than kids from out of state. Yeah, that must be why Percy, Dunlap, Haden, and Hernandez left early. lol

                                Starters at X Deonte, Y Rainey/Debose, Z Moore. Reportedly Hines playing behind DT and Alli behind Moore. Dunkley third at Y(Slot)

                                Omarius Hines might be getting on the field in sort of the same fashion the staff used Aaron Hernandez. Hybrid TE/WR.

                                Earl Okine is going to be playing TE until further notice. Think of him as more of a blocking TE.

                                Nixon and Patchan were goign at it for the LT spot until injuries slowed them both down. I think Nixon is still leading, but reports are that Pouncey may line up at LT if either one of the two youngsters are not ready for Miami (Oh). Robey would get the nod at Center if they had Pouncey start the season at LT.

                                Koehne is 2nd string RT behind Gilbert.

                                Being reported that it's a three man battle for the RG spot between Wilson, Hurt and Halapio. I still think Wilson wins out.

                                Looks like the starting ends for the begining of the season will be Lemmens at LE and Trattou at RE (Fox). With Green and Powell close behind.

                                Inside I think they will go with Hunter at NT and Howard at DT, with Marsh and Antwine backing up Hunter and Sanders, Floyd and Easley backing up Howard.

                                Nothing has changed for the LBs since the spring, it's still a dog fight for the Mike spot. Hick and Jones at Sam and Will, respectively. LoEd and the loser of the Mike battle will be the top backups ahead of Finley.

                                Moses Jenkins and Jeremy Brown are still battling it out, for the spot opposite Janoris, too. Winner to be determined. I got Brown winning.

                                Elam will continue to be the top backup at SS and Evans liewise for FS.

                                Jordan Haden transferred. Don't know exactly why, but it's reported that his brother left some big shoes and a long shadow.

                                That's all I can think of for now.

                                GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                                "I don't do Pro Days, we send our scouts to those. I would rather spend my time watching film. The eye in the sky never lies. Functional Strength and athletic ability are the first things we look for in a college prospect." - Mark Dominik, Buccaneers GM



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