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2004 USC Trojans Vs. 2001 Miami Hurricanes

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    even though im a usc fan i think that miami team is just too good

    "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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      Ouch That U team is filthy. I'd pay good money to see that matchup, and I'd think Miami would win about 31-30


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        Pete Carroll,Norm Chow,Lane Kiffin,Steve Sarkisian > Miami coaching staff.

        The talent is greater at Miami but SC's coaching staff would limit the gap.


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          Would LIMIT that gap.
          Starting teams from wiki
          QB Ken Dorsey
          FB Najeh Davenport
          HB Clinton Portis
          TE Jeremy Shockey
          SE Andre Johnson
          FL Kevin Beard
          LT Bryant McKinnie
          LG Sherko Haji-Rasouli
          C Brett Romberg
          RG Martin Bibla
          RT Joaquin Gonzalez

          RE Jerome McDougle
          DT Matt Walters
          DT William Joseph
          LE Andrew Williams
          WLB D.J. Williams
          MLB Jonathan Vilma
          SLB Chris Campbell
          RCB Mike Rumph
          FS James Lewis
          SS Ed Reed
          LCB Phillip Buchanon

          K Todd Sievers
          P Freddie Capshaw
          KR Andre Johnson
          KR Frank Gore
          PR Phillip Buchanon

          Special teams damn.

          First Team All-Americans
          Phillip Buchanon, PR
          Joaquin Gonzalez, RT
          Bryant McKinnie, LT (consensus)
          Ed Reed, SS (consensus)
          Jeremy Shockey, TE
          Todd Sievers, K

          All-Conference Selections (First Team)
          Martin Bibla, LG
          Phillip Buchanon, CB
          Freddie Capshaw, P
          Ken Dorsey, QB
          Joaquin Gonzalez, RT
          Jerome McDougle, DE
          Bryant McKinnie, LT
          Clinton Portis, RB
          Ed Reed, SS
          Brett Romberg, C
          Jeremy Shockey, TE
          Todd Sievers, K
          Jonathan Vilma, MLB

          I think the offensive line would have made USC look silly. The defense would have made a key play or two to LIMIT the coaching. Special teams, edge Canes.

          Vote - Canes
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            Can't deny the Canadian connection on the Miami line with Haji-Rasouli & Romberg. Canucks love to hit and know how to block :D

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              Miami would kill USC


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                I'd go with the Canes just based on sheer athleticism. As technically sound, well coached and tight knit the 04 USC team was, that Miami team was just ridiculously fast and strong. They were the Huns of the college football realm.


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                  Originally posted by etk View Post
                  Can't deny the Canadian connection on the Miami line with Haji-Rasouli & Romberg. Canucks love to hit and know how to block :D
                  Joe McGrath is also Canadian, Canes OLine coach had a canadian pipeline there for a while.


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                    Originally posted by energizerbunny View Post
                    looking at the USC made me wonder, where is TOm "The Bomb" Malone now? I remember he almost declared early after they won the NC.
                    Malone was on the 49ers in TC but was one of the first roster cuts, I have no idea where he is right now.
                    Is that a rash?

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                      It would be Miami though I had to admit it ;-) .. I think their D could handle the Trojans O better.


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                        USC's defense wouldnt keep up....

                        i mean, Miami had mcgahee, portis, gore, and davenport all in the same backfield at the same time, thats enough said...and you can argue those players werent all stars at the time, or getting playingn time, or whatever, but the talent was their, and the athleticism, and the depth to keep everyone fresh legs.....

                        shockey and winslow, come on wouldnt of been close, i dont think too many teams match up well with miami

                        Originally posted by Scott Wright
                        I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                          Originally posted by Philliez01 View Post
                          Malone was on the 49ers in TC but was one of the first roster cuts, I have no idea where he is right now.
                          The Patriots, they're gonna give him a shot durin TC.


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                            USC wins by 10.

                            The offense would overpower that Hurricane D.


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                              Originally posted by heavyduty View Post
                              my sig says it all. THE U!
                              I hope you are trying to make a joke about people from Miami not being able to spell Safety.


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                                USC would beat Miami (FL)
                                If Ohio State was able to shut down McGahee. Then that USC Defense with Pete Carroll would be able to shut down McGahee and Portis. Plus, you have the Playmakers at LB with Lofa Tatupu and Matt Grootegoed. The passing attack with Matt Leinart conducting it with Steve Smith,Dwayne Jarrett,and Dominque Byrd. We would keep your DBs in check and also your LBs. Then we pound it with LenDale and Bush. Plus, when Miami would blitz our O-Line would pick it up. Our Defense like I said is was one of the best with our DT of Shaun Cody and Mike Patterson "Little Sapp" Then our DE of Kenechi Udeze. Our DBs of Justin Wyatt who had a very underrated year and the big hitter of Scott Ware. They would shut down Andre Johnson and Shockey to an extent.

                                SO you have

                                Matt Leinart vs. Ken Dorsey= Matt Leinart
                                Reggie Bush/ LenDale White vs Clint Portis/Willis McGahee= push
                                Dwayne Jarrett/Steve Smith vs. Andre Johnson/Kevin Beard= DJ/SS
                                Dominque Byrd vs. Jeremy Shockey= Jeremy Shockey
                                Shaun Cody/Little Sapp vs. Matt Walters/William Joseph= Cody/Patterson
                                Lofa Tatupu/Matt Grootegoed vs. D.J. Williams/Jonathan Vilma= Push
                                USC DB's vs. Miam (FL) DB's- Miami (FL)

                                So I would have to say my boys win Fight On USC!



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