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Potential for "Suh-like" impact?

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      I dunno how much Reggie Bush changed the perception of all-purpose backs while he was in college. He was viewed as a true runningback prospect who was extremely versatile, not necessarily a utility player without a true position (like Percy Harvin and Dexter McCluster).

      Also, the value of kick returners went through the roof after Devin Hester's stay at Miami and subsequent stardom as a returner in the NFL. I'm happy he's saying that he wants less of an offensive role in order to be able to do returns full-time again.


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        Originally posted by 619 View Post
        I second this pick.

        Originally posted by 49erNation85
        I wouldn't be sir prized if he passed McCoy on the depth chart. I think he might have a better arm and accurate arm then him from the highlights I thought. He also got some wheels too help us prepare for QB's as Wilson , RG3 and other runners etc.


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          Clayborn won't have a Suh like impact, but our DL will be something to be remembered.

          My nomination is Burfict. He's ridiculous.


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            I. Love. Vontaze.


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              That was nasty

              I'm going with Marcel Dareus. Dude is raw.


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                I can't go against Vontaze & Peterson. Flat out studs.

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                  I was just going to not read the first post and jump straight to the reply box and say Robert Quinn.

                  Now it's not funny anymore.


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                    Originally posted by Finz99 View Post

                    I. Love. Vontaze.
                    As a USC fan all I can do is weep on the inside knowing we lost that kind of player in our own back yard at a position of need.


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                      Dillon Baxter.


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                        How the hell did Ndamukong Suh change how we view the defensive tackle position? I get you're trying to appreciate the season that Suh had, but he didn't change anything. He was just an elite prospect in a system he fit well into with good coaching that happened to be playing a pitiful conference worth of interior offensive linemen. And if Suh wasn't there, Gerald McCoy was still a bad, bad man.

                        As far as who is going to have a dominant season the way Suh had, I'll throw out Cameron Heyward. He was good last year, but he's going to be even better this year focusing on his hand use and his technique. He's going to hurt some people's feelings.


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                          I think there were a few more guys in the past that had "Suh-like impacts" on a season. I'd put Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, Darren McFadden and Tim Tebow as guys who just completely took over a season. Not just took over the season as a whole, but every week just completely dominated the game they were in. The media hype is also fairly big in this, you need to be reminded every week that the guy is amazing for the masses to really have that guy as the person they think of for the season. As dominating Suh was last season, I'd probably take Chris Long's senior year. Long got a lot of attention (and some Heisman hype) but not the attention Suh got.

                          As for next season, I think the two that have the best chance are Jake Locker and Patrick Peterson. Locker has insane amounts of skill and the legs to put up some sick rushing stats to go along with what should be a very good year passing. If he can get Washington to 8-9 wins I think he'll get the consistent media attention to be a "player of the season" type guy. Peterson is getting a fair amount of hype early but I think he could have the type of season where he gets labeled as one of the best to ever play the position in college.

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                            im saying Jonathan Baldwin will become the next Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson type of player/prospect. I think I like him as a prospect more than most though. A.J. Green will be another great receiver prospect, just not as freakish as Baldwin.


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                              Originally posted by Legend234 View Post
                              im saying Jonathan Baldwin will become the next Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson type of player/prospect. I think I like him as a prospect more than most though. A.J. Green will be another great receiver prospect, just not as freakish as Baldwin.
                              Yeah, I don't know jack about Pitt's QB situation, but I see Baldwin emerging as the top WR prospect heading into the 2011 draft.

                              Physically, (height/weight/speed), I think he's going to remind a lot of people of Calvin Johnson.

                              As for Suh, someone said they would take Chris Long's final season at UVA over Suh's at Nebraska.

                              Well, the hype for Suh IMO begins and ends with his sack #s and total tackles; 82 total tckles (47 solo) and 12 sacks, all rushing from the interior.

                              Chris Long, for instance, had 79 total total tackles and 14 sacks as a senior; IMO Long's hype came primarily because of his bloodlines. If his last name had been Armstrong, Long would have been a top 15 selection, not the 2nd pick in the NFL draft.

                              For a DT, if there's a player I would compare to Suh as far as impact in college during his final year, I'd say that Suh had a Terrell Suggs' like season, for an interior defensive player, ( Suggs set the NCAA record for sacks in 2002 with 24).

                              Who's the last DT that had an impact season as a rookie? Warren Sapp? Former Raider DT Darrell Russell??

                              Hopefully Suh will exceed them all.


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                                Jared Crick.
                                **** her in da *****!



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