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Potential for "Suh-like" impact?

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    C.J. Feagles from UNC


    Just wait till this kid declares, you will see nothing but "CJzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Feaglezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"



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      Originally posted by FUNBUNCHER View Post
      Yeah, I don't know jack about Pitt's QB situation, but I see Baldwin emerging as the top WR prospect heading into the 2011 draft.

      Physically, (height/weight/speed), I think he's going to remind a lot of people of Calvin Johnson.
      He is a freak. Really raw and needs to learn how to run better routes. Uses his pure athletic ability at this point in college. I color commentate the Pitt games, as for QB, they are banking on a 3-star gunslinger who can throw but may not be top notch. Wannastedt is a conservative and doesnt throw as much as he should.

      Keep your eye on Greg Romeus for Suh Like impact....

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        FOUR DOT FORTY FIVEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!11!!!11!!11!1!!1!!!1elev en!!11


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          I would love to say that Von Miller is going to have a ridiculous season, but we'll see how moving to a 3-4 turns out.

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            What's going on with Will Campbell at Michigan? I liked him a ton coming out of hs.
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              Originally posted by FUNBUNCHER View Post
              Chris Long, for instance, had 79 total total tackles and 14 sacks as a senior; IMO Long's hype came primarily because of his bloodlines. If his last name had been Armstrong, Long would have been a top 15 selection, not the 2nd pick in the NFL draft.
              That's just absurd. He had a great senior year. 14 sacks out of a 3-4 end is astounding. No NFL team is going to give a guy millions of dollars just because his dad is famous. There's too much at stake.
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                Originally posted by djp View Post
                What's going on with Will Campbell at Michigan? I liked him a ton coming out of hs.
                Rawer than sushi. He played average competition in high school and dominated by being bigger than everyone else. He got annihilated against Iowa last year in his first extensive action, but you could see flashes down the stretch. Word is that he's really slimmed down and turned some fat into muscle. He was apparently around 340 last year when he reported to UM. He looked pretty solid in the spring game. He should be very good against the run but his pass rush repertoire is limited. UM needs a big year from him.


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                  I think we may of got our answer to this last night.

                  Patrick Peterson is just on a whole different level than anybody else on the field. And with LSU now using in the return game, the impact he can have is even greater.


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                    Originally posted by Don Vito View Post
                    That was nasty

                    I'm going with Marcel Dareus. Dude is raw.
                    Yeah that guy. Could be back at his top form of the finish of 09 but won't return until Wk. 3 (Bama vs. Duke that s/b a yawner, Dareus will knock the raw rust off). At Arkansas the next week is where he will be making his impact felt. Florida won't like facing him again in Wk. 5 when they come to T-Town.

                    Since Marvin Austin's UNC career looks like burnt toast now, as far as DTs are concerned I'll say it's Dareus & Cameron Heyward.

                    From any position for Suh-like impact, it's Peterson, who is looking like a top 5 pick next April, he will be the 1st corner/KR in awhile to earn top 5 $.



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