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Two year post-season ban for USC Trojans

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    Originally posted by soybean View Post
    hmm... are you sure these guys get free room and board? I remember Dwayne Jarrett getting busted for not having to pay rent to Leinart's dad for an apartment they were sharing.
    As long as they live on campus, it's free room and board. Jarrett got in trouble because that apartment was off campus.


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      Originally posted by Brodeur View Post
      Oh please, rewarding the best athletes the college had is hardly cheating.
      i guess getting a free education, books, food, and setup with a job on campus (those that want one) isn't enough?


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        btw here's clay matthew's twitter:

        Atleast u cant take away the a$$ whoppin we put on @AaronRodgers12 and his bears and @Ryangrant25 and his domers!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

        2 yr postseason ban n possibly 20 schollies gone!? We're gonna be playin w/ all walk-ons!! Wait wasn't I a walk-on!!?? lmao
        Also, why is the NCAA planning on having USC vacate wins from 2004 and not 2005?


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          I wonder why it took so long for the NCAA to finish their investigation and finally put down the hammer.
          I'm a state.


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            Well as a USC fan the only positive I can think of is maybe this punishment will weed out some bandwagoners and open some season tickets for me.

            Reggie Bush = dead as a Trojan.


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              Originally posted by Punisher View Post
              Reggie Bush = dead as a Trojan.
              What was he going to say? "No, don't do any of these nice things for me or my parents"?


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                Originally posted by killxswitch View Post
                What was he going to say? "No, don't do any of these nice things for me or my parents"?
                It be nice for him to come out and admit what he did instead of bs'ing the media while USC is getting torched for his actions.


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                  Did the Joe McKnight situation ever get resolved?

                  The reason why this rule exists is to have balance in the 120 school division 1. You can't tell me if you allow cash benefits to the players, that there will be schools in division 1 that can't compete in recruiting.

                  Furthermore, once cash is distributed to athletes, people will complain about the amount being too little. Athletes should get more.

                  Also, how is the cash to be paid out? To top recruits? If you want to cause problems in the locker-room, just give out incentives to incoming freshman while less-talented seniors continue to bust their *** for the program get nothing.

                  There are reasons these rules are in place.

                  Football doesn't just pay for football. It pays for everything in the AD. By the logic above, all programs other than football (and basketball at a few institutions) should be shut down since they can't generate their own revenue (since football players should be paid what they earn).
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                    Originally posted by Punisher View Post
                    It be nice for him to come out and admit what he did instead of bs'ing the media while USC is getting torched for his actions.
                    What exactly did he do? Accept some gifts? I'd like to know what he got out of it, but quite frankly I dont really care.


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                      Originally posted by superman8456 View Post
                      Exactly. What would Chris Johnson and Devin Hester do if they did not have football? Do you think Chris Johnson could do much with his communications degree?

                      The only reason some of these kids even go to college is to try to get noticed the professional scouts. A lot of them dont.

                      I understand when you add it all up it looks like these kids get a lot of money. The thing is that these schools make millions upon millions off of these kids. These kids arent normal students either. They practice 20+ hours a week, having lifting and conditioning on top of that, still have to go to class, and still have some schoolwork to do. Thats just during the school year. They have training camp in the summer and bowl games in the winter. Being a college football player is basically a year round job.

                      But then I see videos like this:

                      And it doesnt seem so bad being a college athlete with that kind of set up.
                      Isn't that life? You are always making money for somebody else. Undergrad in college really is not all that difficult. It does not take much to show up to class and get a 2.0. They are more likely to be another 9-5 suit and tie worker than go on to the NFL. Work hard on their degree and they could be one of those guys making the millions off of kids
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                        Paying football players is basically impossible, unless you're ok with killing most every non revenue sport, since if football players get paid, so do all the other athletes under Title IX and non revenue sports becoming more expensive will lead to them getting axed.


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                            holy crap modern day death sentence

                            USC's sanctions: 4 yrs probation, 30 docked scholarships over 3 years; must vacate Oklahoma Orange Bowl win and all '05 wins. 2 year bowl ban.

                            The NCAA said its findings included "a lack of institutional control, impermissible inducements, extra benefits, exceeding coach staff limits, and unethical conduct by an assistant football coach."


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                              I also heard rumors that players whose eligibility is up in the next two years can transfer without sitting out a year.


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                                Originally posted by Scotty D View Post
                                Bye bye to Seantrel Henderson?
                                Dear god haha who wouldn't want him if he does leave.. like somebody said if he didn't sign officially yet and was waiting for the results that came out today, why would he go there if he can't play to win? Other than USC weather of course..

                                Seantrel should probably sign/transfer to UNC! Him and James Hurst would be sex..
                                Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds
                                Coples is that dude.
                                Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

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