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2010 Top 12 defensive units in the country

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    Bryn Renner should start for us haha of course I have no idea how he would handle it. I am comfortable knowing LSU has a QB controversy of there own though they are more talented. Yay probably said it but alot of things will play in to the winner.. I like the matchup but RC, Tolliver is huge while Burney is shorter and Pat Peet is a phenom.. :(

    Zach Pianalto, our TE might have a day. BTW if this game was in LSU, not a chance we win.
    Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds
    Coples is that dude.
    Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

    Orioles - Raiders - UNC - Nuggets/Wizards


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      Da Big Harv Culliver should be a tremendous corner he has all the physical tools and didn't quite have the smarts for safety I've heard
      That is strange, hopefully he can make the transition, however rarely would a move such as this work out at the next level, more often than not he is not fast enough to be a corner or quick enough, that is why he was at safety. He had above average speed and quickness at safety, below average for a corner I would say, hopefully he can make the switch now and at the next level, but I doubt at the next level he will be a corner.

      LizardState If you like watching CB play, tune in Alabama at LSU on November 6th.

      Peterson for the Bayou Bengals + Dre Kirkpatrick & Milliner, both freshmen, from Bama.

      Everybody will throw at those 2 Tide frosh out there (til they get burned often enough or the Tide pass rush obliterates their QBs) but both of them were #1-ranked corners coming out of HS, & Milliner ran a 4.24 40 in Gadsden HS. Patrick Peterson might look bored by that latter p/o the season, he's a consensus 1st team AA & it looks like he's head & shoulders over all other CBs for the 2011 draft, so teams will avoid him like an airborne bubonic plague virus & throw away from him & at Claiborne on the other side.
      I am aware for that, I cannot wait to see what Kirkpatrick can do, and based on how Saban coaches up defensive backs I am quite sure both will be just fine.

      phlysac How close did Pittsburgh come to making your list?

      The only players they lost whom were significant contributors were DT Mick Williams and CB Aaron Berry. Theyv'e improved at every other position.
      Like I have said before, their total lack of any real talent in their defensive backfield makes them not on this list. Berry was easily their best corner last year, and even he was not that good. Great front seven, but that defensive back field scares me. If they have developed some guys back there though they could be really good, will have to see it to believe it though. And even if they have success it is just because the Big East is pretty weak this year, not many great teams.


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        Millner should get a lot of time in the defensive backfield but for now it looks like Dre "swagmaster" Kirkpatrick and B.J. Scott are going to get the starting nod. There's a lot of speculation that Milliner will end up at safety with his size but, he should get playing time on passing situations for sure with Bama so thin at defensive back only returning one starter (Barron)



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