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UNC Football under investigation?

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    Well, the real thing is: Marvin is not a bad kid at all. He doesn't have character concerns. He's just a bit cocky, but hell, he doesn't really mess with anyone.

    People are just pretending he's the next O.J.


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      Originally posted by RealityCheck View Post
      Oh, and NCAA, why don't you go investigate your beloved Gators?


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        I'm awesome.


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          This whole thing is shady as hell..article from today said he is expected to be suspended for the entire year and source said they won't see Austin until the combine. I won't believe it till I see it but as much as I love Marvin IF he is the only one gone, I won't be too mad.. but Little, Duenta, Bruce..etc I can't have that.

          Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds
          Coples is that dude.
          Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

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            I hope Marvin is the only one gone. Please leave the rest out of this.

            I think the whole thing with him is just like Dez Bryant last year. No character concerns at all, and he'll just blow up draft season and still be a top prospect.


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              Austin has done little to prove he should be a top prospect thus far, what makes you think being a year out of football will improve that?

              Granted, he is an athletic freak, but at least Bryant did things on the field to show how good he is. Austin hasn't really done anything beyond an average DT.


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                Originally posted by Brent View Post
                beat me to it.

                I'd rather go to Duke for academics than UNC Chapel Hill
                So true. The old joke used to be that if a Duke baseketball player transferred to UNC, post schools overall GPAs would go up.


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                  Originally posted by descendency View Post
                  Honestly, I'd say it closer to a draw in terms of academics. However, I would say the feel of the campuses are different.

                  Just my personal experience, everyone I've ever met from Duke or that went to Duke were annoying pricks.

                  Personally, I'd avoid Durham, NC though.
                  Overall the academics are fairly close, althought Duke is better. The major difference is that UNC doesn't nearly hold its athletes to the same standards as regular students. Duke does.


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                    Originally posted by Jughead10 View Post
                    Overall the academics are fairly close, althought Duke is better. The major difference is that UNC doesn't nearly hold its athletes to the same standards as regular students. Duke does.
                    don't be so sure. SMU has pretty good admission requirements, but for athletes, it's 900 on your SAT (math & verbal) and a 2.5 high school GPA

                    To attend a state school in Texas, your math & verbal have to add up to 1070, which is hilariously low.

                    That said, I would love to attend Duke for graduate or undergrad.

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                      I once got in trouble at BC cuz Troy Bell was an X athlete and he bought me dinner lol..Come on NCAA y'all need to revise some of the rules
                      from Jared Dudley's twitter, not entirely relevant


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                        So let's see if I get this situation straight:

                        I am X, a 5-star recruit. I enroll at UNC, because I like the campus, the program, etc. At UNC, I meet Y, a standout from the same position that I play.

                        Y declares for the NFL Draft, goes in the first round and earns a ******** of money. After some time, Y invites me, X, over to a party in Miami, all expenses paid by him, and all that stuff... And when I come back, my school is getting investigated because of that, because the NCAA thinks my school paid me?

                        (In case you haven't figured it by now, X is Marvin Austin and Y is Kentwan Balmer).

                        Damn guys. It's getting out of control. Athletes won't be able to buy video games some time from now.


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                          Originally posted by ThePudge View Post
                          Marvin Austin was not one of the 7 best players on that defense a year ago. Robert Quinn looks to be first round caliber talent, Bruce Carter has considerable upside yet looks in the 2nd Round range now, while Quan Sturdivant (MLB), Deunta Williams (S), and Kendric Burney (S) all should find a home sometime between the 3rd and 5th rounds. Marvin Austin hasn't done anything on the field warranting Day One or Day Two consideration, rather, his 2.0 TFL against the run should raise serious concerns as to his explosiveness, penetrating ability, and instincts. He's a player that better start stepping up if he wants to live up to his lofty recruiting status.

                          I agree, Austin could very easily end up just like Greg Hardy or Greg Selvie. Potential was putting these guys in the 1st round for years, and they were barely drafted.

                          Originally posted by Scott Wright
                          I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                            (And before a Tarhole blasts me for it, no, it's not his actual twitter account)

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                              Originally posted by Cigaro View Post


                              (And before a Tarhole blasts me for it, no, it's not his actual twitter account)
                              "Mavrin" Austin actually made me laugh.


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                                Reality Check - you need a Reality Check.

                                Carolina has been dirty since Butch Davis and John Blake walked in the door.

                                Explain how Marvin Austin, the #1 recruit in the nation, goes from not mentioning Carolina to being a Carolina committ in a few weeks. The following year he is taking trips back to Texas for the AA game. This year he is taking trips to Miami. All of this from a guy who came from a self-proclaimed poor family.

                                It's funny too because the agent Balmer, Austin, Little and about half of the Carolina team are involved with is also John Blake's agent.

                                Sam Montogermy went to LSU and reported in an interview it was because they didn't offer him money. Guess who his other finalist was?

                                Sabino turned down Carolina's money. So did Corey Miller. Bryce Brown took Carolina's money and went to Tennessee.

                                Their are reports out there that CB Charles Brown straight up asked an agent for money.

                                Your getting caught and now you have to live with it. Hope you enjoyed the two eight win seasons you got.
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