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5 schools to present to WAC (3 football schools)

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  • 5 schools to present to WAC (3 football schools)

    Montana, Texas State, and UT-San Antonio the big ones!

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    why is this in pro football?

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      because Jbond says so


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        Still pretty cool, though. I loved playing as Montana in like NCAA 2004 or what not. haha.

        Better than the Florida International, Florida Atlantic, and Western Kentucky additions.

        Lets bring Appy State over while we're at it.

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          I love this. Montana is a I-AA powerhouse. UT-SA has the stadium to meet the needs of I-A and, more importantly, they're already on track to be full IA status by 2013-14. Texas State has been talking about this forever, but they're not a college which is capable of being in I-A.

          I really hope it's UT-SA.

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            The WAC will need more than just one school to join. My money is on UT-SA and Montana.

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              come on montana... would be close to where i live and could go see some games if they schedule some nice OOC ones.

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                hahhahaah yes my friend goes to montana and his dream is for them to join the Wac ahha hes gonna be pumped


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                  I'm pretty sure Montana will join. They've been a big FCS powerhouse for many years, and have sent many players to the NFL.

                  Both Texas State and UTSA have big chances too, imo


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                    I see a string of at least 21 WAC Championships in a row for Hawaii... With about 10 perfect seasons.... 5 BCS Bowl games...and 1 National Championship. ;)


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                      Montana would be the logical choice to go into Div. 1 -- their in-state population is so sparse they recruit mostly from California & the other Rocky Mtn. states anyway.

                      A lot of the emails underneath the article said the Griz has a lot of influential boosters (including Brent Musberger who is from there) who want them to remain in Big Sky Conference where they will continue to be the big fish in the small pond. They've been dominant for a long time by taking transfer players from Div. 1 BCS schools who don't have to sit a yr. b/c they transferred into a lower division, UMass, Richmond, North Alabama, Wisconsin-Whitewater & other schools you always see in the Div. II playoffs every yr. have also been doing the same thing. If they go up to Div. 1 it might actually hurt their recruiting.

                      UTSA, the orange & blue Roadrunners aka Chaparrals, just started its FB program this yr. in fact but they do have the Alamodome to play in.

                      Texas St. used to be Southwest Texas St. -- they're the Bobcats in San Marcos just 20 mi. south of Austin & they're Div II-A too. BTW Pres. Lyndon Johnson was an alumnus.

                      Imagine for a minute teams from South Texas & CA going to play the Griz in Missoula, MT in December, where the on-field temperature is often 10 degrees with a 20 MPH wind blowing. Talk about your home field advantage.
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