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  • #61 the game-break of the Michigan game, Reese Davis was like "I know you guys are enjoying your game there, but there are places where they're playing tackle football...."



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      Originally posted by BeerBaron View Post
      It's ok. Michigan still has Michigan's defense last I checked.
      Oh I know, Illinois probably should win.

      But a bunch of their fans were predicting less than 20-25 pts and could probably easily contain their offense. It's just funny because they have given up more points and about the same amount of yards in one half as their worst game all season.


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        Michigan is lucky to be tied in this game with 3 turnovers and a turnover on downs. Illinois can't stop the big play and Michigan's defense is merely a deterrent on the way to the end zone.


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          Travis Benjamin just cut up half of the Maryland defense.

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            Originally posted by lowlife View Post
            You forgot a part 8)

            RIP, Sean Taylor.


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              And Michigan.......kicks a field goal? Did I wake up in bizarro world?


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                Great play by Benjamin sets up a Bosher FG before half time. 17-15 Maryland leads.

                That is correct comahan
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                  This is like watching the Big XII circa 2007/2008... 700 total yards of offense in the first half of a Big 10 Game... what is the world coming to?


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                    Nathan Scheelhaase makes Jacory Harris' arm look strong.


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                      God, Griese is a moron.

                      "This is the new big 10 where your offenses are going to put up points and the defenses will do just enough to win."

                      Yea, I guess Iowa, PSU, MSU, Wisconsin, and OSU (and Nebraska for that matter) all suck at defense and coincidentally are the top teams in the Big Ten usually (plus Michigan). Yea Griese, it's fairly obvious that's what's happening in the Big Ten. Moron.


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                        Originally posted by CameronCropper View Post
                        Roy Roundtree has single-handedly kept Michigan in this game.
                        Roundtree's made some big plays, buit he's also dropped at least 3 balls that would have been first downs.

                        As much as I hate Rich Rodriguez and want him to be fired, I have to admit his offense can put up points on just about anybody (or should I say "can put up yards on anybody, but maybe not points since Michigan turns the ball over at least three times a game.").

                        That said, the guys just knows how to **** up a defense (his own I mean). I'm starting to worry that if Michigan wns this game he might be back next year. RR is pretty much Bill Callahan at this point.
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                        Originally posted by Jakey

                        i am literally gonna kick a baby to death!


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                          Chris Rainey just blocked another punt. 41-0 Florida with 3:29 to go in the first half.

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                            4th and 1 on Indiana's 45 with a RB avg. 8 ypc....punt.

                            I love Ferentz, but his conservative style is 2nd to none. Not even sweatervest.


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                              Lamar Miller is such a baller. Just got over 100 yards, 13 mins left in the 3rd.

                              That is correct comahan
                              I ******* LOVE YOU DG
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                                Iowa goes from 3rd and goal from the 10. Delay of game, then a false start, and now a timeout. Jesus.

                                3rd and goal from the 17....swing pass to the FB. Out of a timeout, that's the play you call?



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