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Predicting the BCS Bowls

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    South carolina winning would move TCU to the title, Stanford to the Rose, Auburn to the Orange, and take get Arkansas out of a a BCS bowl.

    If Vtech or Nebraska lose they'll simply get left out of be BCS games. Not much of a reaction will come from either of those.

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      (( taking the higher ranked)) Well gonna be pretty much like this if Auburn, Oregon, Oklahoma, Va tech and Big least winner. Guaranteed spots go to Auburn, Oregon, TCU, Stanford, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Va Tech and The winner of the Big least. Leaves two at large spot which i see going to Ohio State and Maybe Arkanas? so there will be 2 pac 10 2 SEC and 2 big 10 schools in the bcs. Stanford wins because Boise state lost which opens up a top 4 spot and they have to be given a spot.
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        Originally posted by nepg View Post
        The only one I have a problem with is UConn. VT got their ish together and Nebraska is still 10-2 with the latest loss coming to an insanely on-fire Texas A&M team.

        But things are going to get messy with the Championship Games. I've got SCar beating Auburn, Oklahoma State gave Nebraska all they could handle last time, and Florida State looked really good today. If those games don't get the way they're supposed to, things will be very messy.
        We all know it was the Refs.



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