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Taylor Martinez doesn't quit Nebraska football team

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    Originally posted by TitanHope View Post
    We have a Jags fan here that writes for a satirical paper for Nebraska. I remember the thread he made about writing about Bo Pelini's brother having an affair, and Bo actually calling him and chewing him out.

    And all this over the kid texting his dad while he was getting his ankle taped? The text probably read, "I'm fine. Just getting my ankle taped. Don't worry."

    Can anyone in football show any foresight? All of these stupid things can be handled so easily it seems, but they're allowed to come to a head and explode.
    Well, for one, it is illegal to be using mobile devices during a game.

    But from the rumor mill, Taylor spent time after getting wrapped up to talk to his father. That is what infuriated Bo.

    But really, this isn't an isolated incident with Taylor. He and his father were causing issues dating back to when he took his official visit to Lincoln. Now, Taylor and his father are still causing issues.

    Basically, those two are nut cases.

    But from all the things being said, it will not be our problem much longer. Most are expecting Taylor to bounce after the season.



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