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    Originally posted by bhaarat316 View Post
    He is what 6'2, 210? I can't see him staying at that weight. He is gonna get bigger, unless he is one of those guys that can't get bigger no matter what.
    He's going to play safety, both of our safeties now are 220+.


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      Originally posted by keylime_5 View Post
      Taylor Mays was 230 coming out of high school. Lots of linebackers are only 200 lbs. or less coming out of high school. Depends on the player if he can maintain his speed an quickness at larger sizes.
      Yeah him and Landry were like freak athletes, he is good. But he doesn't have the speed or looks like to have the speed of those freak safeties. He was fast, but didn't look to have the loose hips. He just looked kinda stiff, when he was returning the ball.


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        Braxton Miller, Keihl Frazier, Brett Hundley, Kendall Thompson...hell even Driskel runs like a mini Jake Locker. Is the pocket passer getting phased out of college football or what? What is the NFL gonna do when the entire landscape of college football is littered with dual threat, zone-read QBs? Haven't seen him play but I assume Lemay is a dual threat as well.


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          Originally posted by MizzouBig12 View Post
          I could only stomach a little over a quarter of this game. And these guys are supposed to the be the best, the "all stars" of high school football?? And you can't say that it's just an NFL "pro bowl"-type of game, these are young, up-and-coming high school kids trying to make a mark, playing against peers regarded as the cream-of-the-crop.

          If these are the "best" according to HS scouts, then the system is flawed beyond repair. I can find a team of better players from the state championship teams in Missouri alone.
          would love to see that missouri team of yours damm. i think they had like 4 days of practice.. maybe together.

          RIP, Sean Taylor.


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            I sure hope Jeff Driskel is the next Jake Locker. FSU could use an inaccurate and indecisive QB to beat up on for 4 years.



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