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  • The 2011 Big 10 Thread

    New thread for a new year! Bad news, everyone but Michigan fans- Rich Rod is gone!

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    You were waiting on that glorious announcement to launch this thread, weren't you?

    Ahh the smell of a fresh Big Ten thread.

    Let's start this off right...last week of the season brings the new Farmaggeddon. **** you Wisconsin, you can't just decide who gets to be your rivals, especially when you have absolutely no attachment other than our AD used to go to school there. Iowa-Nebraska was so painfully obvious for the last weekend and a new rivalry that I don't know how anyone could deny that. Iowa-Nebraska >>>>>>>>>>> Wisconsin-Nebraska.

    Oh also, suckers got screwed in the divisional allignment. :)


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      Daniel Herron says he's returning for his senior year. That leaves just Mike Adams to confirm he's staying and that he's not gonna betray his word, and there are some doubters.

      I know, pretty boring for the third post in the thread. so I'll add this:

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        ESPN is reporting that there have been about 20 of these billboards put up in Columbus, Ohio. I got a little chuckle out of it.

        PS - I hope Nebraska goes 0-8 in conference this year.


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          too bad Ohio State fans really don't care about TCU. We won our bowl and we didn't play TCU. They could put one up on Gee's street, but this is about the same as Cincinnati putting up those "Ohio's BCS team" billboards last year. Little Brother complex.


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            So with the expectation that Shaun Prater, Tyler Sash, and Marvin McNutt are going to skip their senior seasons, Iowa is going to be a pretty young/green team this year...

            QB - Jonathon Moxon - RS Junior with 2 starts + other limited PT
            RB - Marcus Coker - True Soph and monster - 622 yards in 3 starts + some
            Deandre Johnson - RS Freshman
            Rodney Coe/Mikail McCall - True Freshmen
            WR - Keenan Davis - True Junior - Limited PT last 2 seasons and basically
            only returning WR with experience
            Jordan Cotton/Other RS Jrs/RS or True Sophs
            TE - Brad Herman - Senior - Back up TE this year with good experience
            CJ Fiedorowicz - True Soph - STs experience
            LT - Riley Reiff - RS Jr - no explanation necessary
            LG - Adam Gettis - RS Sr - some experience, always hurt
            C - James Ferentz - True Jr. - good experience
            RG - Nolan MacMillan/Casey McMillan - RS Soph - limited to no experience
            RT - Markus Zusevics - Sr. - Started every game in 2010

            DE - Broderick Binns - Senior - Was starter in 2009 and half of 2010
            DT - Mike Daniels - Senior - Beasted in 2010 as a part time starter
            DT - Steve Bigch - Jr. - Limited experience
            DE - Lebron Daniel - Senior - Limited Experience
            LB - Tyler Nielsen - Senior - Limited Experience
            LB - James Morris - True Soph - Prepare your anuses Big Ten
            LB - Someone that has limited to no experience
            CB - Micah Hyde - Jr. - INT return specialist
            CB - Greg Castillo/William Lowe - Soph/Jr - limited experience and meh
            SS - Tanner Miller - Soph - 1 game experience (I think)
            FS - Jordan Bernstein - Senior - Used to start at CB

            So yea, that's a lot of inexperience and youth. Should be an eventful season. Hopefully Coker can just go Shonn Greene on everyone and the defense is somewhat dominant as usual.
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              Originally posted by iowatreat54 View Post
              QB - Jonathon Moxon - RS Junior with 2 starts + other limited PT
              Wait, this guy?


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                Is John Vought (sp?) also taking over as Iowa's head coach?

                THIS, IS A RUNNIN' TEAM BOY

                Have it your way, with BK (BoneKrusher)


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                  The son that came from this greatness:

                  is who our QB is.

                  The rest of the Big Ten can thank us later.


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                    Whatever happened to John Weinke?


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                      Originally posted by Sniper View Post
                      Whatever happened to John Weinke?
                      From what I've gathered, he and Vandenberg were basically level last year and the staff liked Vandenberg just a bit more, which is why he go the nod at NW, OSU, and Minnesota. He's supposedly not too far behind.

                      I mean, as of right now, Vandenberg is assumed to be the starter, but it isn't set in stone. Weinke will have a shot and if he has a good offseason we could see splitting snaps to start the year much like Iowa did in 08 with Christensen and Stanzi, in actually a very similar situation coming in.


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                        Robert Bolden is not leaving Penn State.


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                          Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
                          Robert Bolden is not leaving Penn State.
                          By choice?

                          Originally posted by Jakey

                          i am literally gonna kick a baby to death!


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                            Originally posted by ironman4579 View Post
                            By choice?
                            Somewhat. Now I am just paraphrasing because I was too lazy to read the whole article, but I believe that his HS coach told him to stay and had a talk with him. So, I guess he got forced to stay and he also wanted to stay by just cooling down and thinking things over. I don't know.


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                              Check out this late cheap shot Arky mofo try to take Heyward out.

                              Grayson should get his ass kicked. Apparently he's done this before.



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