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"Pay to Play" - Business as Usual?

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    Originally posted by descendency View Post
    False. ALL football programs are cash flow positive. Athletic departments lose money on Women's sports, track, baseball, etc.

    Basically, Football and a few basketball teams make money that the rest of the department uses to fund their sport.
    FALSE. Not all programs are cash flow positive.

    I shouldn't have said most. Look at JLaw's post.

    The point still stands that there aren't a ton of schools flush with football cash to throw at a bunch of players. Only the top dogs have huge profits.


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      I'm actually surprised any team loses money in football.
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        of course its business as usual. the really great ones have always received benifits. cars, bills paid, extra scholarship money.. its been going on forever.


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          A very interesting piece that I think kind of explains why so many people believe the current system is less than desirable for everyone:

          Basically, major sports revenue is growing significantly faster than college tuition, yet the number of scholarships is not increasing nor is the value of scholarships increasing at a comparable rate. I'm not suggesting they be paid, but that changes to the limits of scholarships be amended.
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