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Who are your picks for 2007?

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    Originally posted by SNIPER26 View Post
    Is that a joke? Please explain, I'd love to hear this for Henne. I can see Hart going in the 2-3 range because of his size, but both of them "have to have great seasons to hit the second?" Hart has only shredded the Big 10 for 3 years now, and Henne has one of the strongest arms in next year's Draft. Sorry they're not USC, but you don't have to go to USC to be a first rounder
    henne is not a first rounder. What team would take henne in the first round? there will only be 1 qb taken in the first round next year maybe 2, unless you truly believe henne is the best qb in next year's draft then im pretty sure he wont be a first rounder.


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      1. Best team - USC

      2. Most dissapointing team - Louisville

      3. Biggest surprise team - Ohio State

      4. Most likely to get left out of a high bcs game - Notre Dame

      5. Best offense - West Virginia

      6. Best Defense - USC



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