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    about Boeckman age, he was a grey shirt in 2003, then a red shirt in 2004. Bauserman looks pretty good, thier was a youtube video of him floating around on board for highschool sports. but i could not locate it. he has all 4 years of eligility left since and he shouldn't not count for a scholarship either since the Pirates will pay for his college.


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      I think that Boekman could be good. If his arm is even decnt then i think he will have a great season. I really like what i see form Robiskie and Hartline and Smalls speed against a nickel back is not even fair. With all those options in the passing game and Chris Wells lining up behind him on every down i am confident he could emulate Craig Krenzel.


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        Originally posted by Hail Browns View Post
        Yeah, they must've been. I was in shock when I read their ages.
        and i know its wrong sport, but they have a a guy who looks like hes about 45 yeasr old on the bball team...


        i dont care. just give it to chris wells and hope he fixed his fumbling problems and let the D win it for you.

        GO BUCKS!!!

        Originally posted by mythbusta
        i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
        who dey?


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          Originally posted by JeffSamardzijaIRISH View Post
          Damn, they were held back a lot
          That's actually pretty normal ages. Shoenhoft is the same age as me and I wasnt held back. Henton is 20 and in his second year of college, that would also be right. Boeckman is in his fourth year, so his also a normal age.

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