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Player(s) You're Most Excited About On Your Team....

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  • Player(s) You're Most Excited About On Your Team....

    Pretty self explanatory. Name one player on each side of the ball that you can't wait to see this year and give your reasoning. Here's mine:

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    Offense: Juice Williams/Regis Benn -- I couldn't choose just one so I just took both. From what I've heard Juice has improved a lot from last year, especially with his reads and accuracy. He's got one of the strongest arms in the nation, he's very mobile, and if he can improve in the two areas I mentioned above I think he will do pretty damn good this season. He's just a fun guy to watch play and I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do this season.

    Regis has all the hype, and from what I've heard of him in Spring Practice so far, he's as good as advertised. Great hands, strong, fast, tough, and physical. I believe he can come in right away, start, and make an immediate impact of us. He's got the body already and the skill set to have a very good year and I can't wait to see him put on the pads this season.

    Defense: Vontae Davis -- Came out of nowhere last season and took the Big 10 by storm at CB. I had no idea he was going to be this good, but my god. Great size, fast, physical, great in pass coverage, makes great reads, strong against the run, and a very good blitzer. The only thing he lacks is a little consistency but that's going to improve this season. Just a beast on the field. I think I saw maybe one or two games where his play kinda leveled off, but the rest of the time he was all over the place. A potential top 10 pick IMO and a lock down CB in the NFL. Dude's a stud and I can't wait to see him next year. But from what I've heard, he's gotten even better which is flat out scary to even think about. Must run in the family (his brother is Vernon Davis).

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    Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.

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    Offense: Jamaal Charles- Had a great freshman year but had to split carries with Selvin Young last season. Bulked up this summer and spent all offseason on football rather than track. He has great speed and balance, can't wait to see what he can do with a full load.

    Defense: Sergio Kindle/Drew Kelson- Both were ranked #1 in the Nation at their positions (LB/S). Kindle has the talent to be better than Derrick Johnson. Kelson moves back to S after playing OLB, should be interesting to see what he can bring to our secondary.


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      Rico McCoy-lb
      Eric Berry-db
      Lamarcus Coker-rb
      Would have been demetrice morley-was a soph last year, best player on the team but got kicked off for academics.db

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        Erin Henderson LB Maryland

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          EB, one of the best WR in the last few seasons, and at the rate he is going he could re write the record books for a SEC WR this season.

          Jonathan Goff, Vandy has been one of the better schools at producing NFL LB's, Goff is the best that we have seen so far.

          Back Up
          Jared Hawkins, he really fits the spread offense very wells and has break away speed.

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            CJ Gable - seems like a hard worker and im excited to see how hes improved.
            John David Booty - had a tremendous bowl game and cant wait to see how he progress as a QB next year

            sorry, i had to name at least 2 on offense. i am also very excited to see joe mcknight but he probably will have limited playing time being a true freshman.


            rey mauluga - i expect him to come away with the butkus award and have a great season. brian cushing will also do great
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              Mike Hart on offense

              Terrence Taylor on defense


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                Texas Tech:
                O - QB Graham Harrell. He didn't have the season he was expected to in his 1st season. He must get consistent for the full 60 minutes next season.

                D - A couple of FR DT.
                Colby Whitlock from Noble, OK who was all district & double or triple teamed the last 2 seasons but for some reason, OU wasn't interested. I can't see a reason not to think he won't be a solid Big 12 DT, but apparantly OU does.

                Bobby Agoucha who transferred from Houston to Putnam City, OK. He only played 5 games last year due to eligiblity issues from the transfer. He did have 18 tackles & 5 sacks. He has the possibility of being the kind of DT we don't normally get at TX Tech.


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                  Richard Murphey - Keiland Williams finished out his true freshman season on a strong note and is primed to be LSU's starter in the backfield. But I've been hearing nothing but praise for redshirt freshman Richard Murphey a slasher who can get to the corner and turn it upfield.

                  Tyson Jackson - Glenn Dorsey gets all the pub on the Tigers defensive line but junior defensive end Tyson Jackson is primed to explode. I expect to see him play his way into the 1st round.


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                    On offense:
                    Kellen Lewis, QB, Sophmore
                    Kellen was one of the best freshmen in the NCAA last year and his dual threat style is always exciting to watch. He was the team's MVP and I think he could have a great career in the Big Ten.

                    James Hardy, WR, Junior
                    Second best Wide Receiver in the Big Ten and he's always a threat to score with his imposing size. I think he'll finally break into the national spotlight this year since there's finally stability at QB and the entire team maturing as a whole.

                    On defense:
                    Tracy Porter, CB, Senior
                    One of the most underrated players in the Big Ten. He's a top 5 corner and if he gets any kind of passrush help this season, I think he could be very good.

                    Josh Bailey, BUCK, Sophmore
                    A great athlete who played running back in high school but now is the BUCK in our 4-2-5. He was a freshman all-american last year and is the leader of this very young defense.

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                      Offense-I have to go with Hart. I just love that little guy

                      Defense-I love Shawn Crable, have to go with him. Also Jamar Adams.

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                        Offense - Chad Henne. I think this is gonna be a GREAT year for him. I think 3 guys will have close to or above 60 receptions (MM, AA, GMat). Henne is gonna be big time this year. They are gonna need to score alot and I think he will toss the ball around like we haven't seen before.

                        Defense - John Thompson and Donovan Warren or Stevie Brown. Johnny is gonna keep the middle strong for our young D. I think he will ease the pain of all the studs leaving this year. I expect close to 100 tackles for him this year. The secondary is gonna be young and I think these 2 young guys are gonna seperate themselves as the 2 best back there. Don will start by the Big 11 opener. He has too much talent to keep him off the field. Steveie will be an All Big 11 S. He makes plays. He is physically ready (was last year too). He is a ball hawk and will put some much needed strength in our defensive backfield. I am interested to see how all the young guys end up on D. I think there will be alot of 3 year starters that come from this defense.

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                          QB Matthew Stafford


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                            Offense: Sean Canfield, Yvenson Bernard, Sammie Stroughter, and Gabe Miller

                            Defense: Al Afalava, Derrick Doggett

                            Special Teams: Alexis Serna

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                              Texas Tech


                              Shannon Woods RB

                              He is a very explosive runner who reminds me a lot of Taurean Henderson but has a more runners approach. He came a few yards short of getting 1,000 last year but he should get it this year. A real threat for opposing teams and should have a great and exciting year.


                              Joe Garcia SS

                              Last year he had to prove himself to everybody because he was filling a big gap left from Dwayne Slay. He came up big in some games making some big hits and playing a huge part of our secondary. I see this year the year he really shows why Texas Tech is known to have hard hitting safetys.



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