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    Offense: Graig Cooper. Came into spring ball and took the #2 spot already, and is tearing up practice. Gonna be a big time playmaker on both offense and in the return game.

    Defense: This is hard, but it's Kenny Phillips. Outstanding all around player and can do everything. Might be the #1 CB next season or could be the SS. Gonna be fun to watch. Campbell is a close #2.

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      -Matt Flynn
      -Early Doucet
      -Keiland Williams
      -Glenn Dorsey


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        Kenny Britt-WR

        With a full year under his belt, I am now eager to see why Britt was a 4-star recruit heading to Rutgers. He's got the size to be at the least, a great redzone player who should emerge as a top WR this year for the Scarlet Knights.

        Courtney Greene-S

        A playmaker who is getting much better with more playing time, as a junior I expect him to be an NFL prospect relatively soon.
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          Offense: Austin Scott - finally, this once highly touted recruit, gets a shot to start. I think he will put up good, maybe even great, numbers.

          Defense: Maurice Evans - this guy has a shot to be a star DE.


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            Too many to name. I'm excited about pretty much everybody, but these are probably the top 4.

            RB Jonathan Stewart
            RB Jeremiah Johnson

            RV Patrick Chung
            DE Dexter Manley II


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              Originally posted by georgiafan View Post
              QB Matthew Stafford

              I know him.

              Stephen McGee, Michael Goodson, Danny Gorrer


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                im excited to see Henne. I honestly think he has the skillset to leave as the GOAT at Michigan.
                I'm a state.


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                  Offense: Early Doucet

                  Even though we are primed to be a running team(at least in the beginning of the season), Early will no doubt get his. He's really fast, he's really strong, he can cut on a dime. He absolutely dominated spring practice and spring game(accounted for 9 of the 11 receptions made for his team for 110 or so with a TD. Even had a 40 or so yard punt return when punt returners were down after being touched).

                  Defense: Tyson Jackson/Darry Beckwith

                  All I can say is, they're monsters. Our front 7 will be insane.



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                    Sam Shields, WR - If he gets stronger and improves his overall game, he will be a terrific target. He is already a deep threat and playmaker, so I expect big things.


                    Calais Campbell - A lot of guys could go here, as always for Miami. I had to go with Campbell though, because he just keeps getting stronger and more dominant. He could absolutely explode with production.

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                      Keith Payne best Running back in the country, also Chris Long is a pimp.

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                        Offense: Carson Butler.... I mean uh Mario Manningham.

                        Defense: Brandon Graham. I really wish he wasn't playing DT though... He would of made a studly LB or DE.


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                          D- Carlos Brown, kinda curious
                          O- Henne, could have a Heisman type year


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                            After reading the praise he just received, I'd say DE Xavier Mitchell for Tennessee. I thought he would have a semi-breakout year, and be our best DE. But our DC said that he has had the best spring of any DE that we've had in a long while. Maybe it's just fluff, but I'm actually used to hearing more negative things than positive out of spring ball. We're gonna need him to step his game up in a big way, too, so hopefully he can.


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                              Offense: Xavier Lee
                              He's never had a fair shake on getting a starting job at QB. He was a very highly touted 5* recruit 3 years ago, and I've had to watch a fatass, slowass, pussyass armed QB start over him. The last few years have been painful! The coaches the past few years were obviously favoring drew, even if he didn't get the job done. Now we have QB guru Jimbo Fisher running our offense, and we all know what he did with another big, mobile, strong-armed QB at LSU. Xavier Lee is even more talented than the aformentioned JaMarcus Russell, and god knows how well he will turn out after Fisher coaches this kid.

                              Defense: Geno Hayes
                              I haven't been excited for an FSU season in a long time. Partly, that has to do with the offense, but I'm also excited about this revamped defense. After losing many of our starters to the NFL last season, and due to injury, everyone seems injury free, and much more experienced from last season. Geno Hayes will be the leader of this defense. He's better than Lawrence Timmons, who I was very high on. He was injured much of last season, but this year, he expects to be injury free. Runs a 4.5, 40, and is a sure tackler. Was all over the field for us when he was there. Will be a top 15 pick the year he comes out.


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                                Arizona St.

                                Offense - Rudy Carpenter


                                Offense - Bernard Jackson (QB), Dusty Sprague (WR), Hugh Charles (RB)

                                Defense - Jordon Dizon (LB), Ryan Walters (S)



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