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    MY GOSH!!!!

    First of all, NOT ONE PERSON HERE knows what they are talking about. You don't have any idea of what type of QB he is, why he transferred, etc.

    First of all, as far as his QB skills, considering he was a freshman, didn't do all of too bad. Also didn't have the best crop of WR's in the world either. marcus Monk is an NFL WR but even he is extremely unpolished. Damian williams was okay but had trouble getting off the line at times and had a case of the droppies.

    The reason he transferred is a little bit complex. of course he was the main cog in the springdale 5. At first, Neither he, nor Webb (OL for ND) nor Damian Williams, or Ben Cleveland had any intentions of playing for Arkansas. none whatsoever. Damian committed to Florida, Mitch was in love with ND and Michigan was a possibility. What made it worse is, springdale is a 10 minute drive from Arkansas's home field. you couldn't drive around town without hearing how bad of a recruiter houston nutt was, how you can not put a fence around your state, etc.

    Houston Nutt somehow convinces Mustian to commit to Arkansas before his season starts. however, he sees the tragedy that was the arkansas's offense and thought better of it and de-committed.

    So coming off a 4 and 7 season, Nutt was on the hot seat big time. After the season, Frank Boyle's (the AD) and the BOD met with Nutt and made him hire Gus as their Offensive Coordinator.. for thoose of you who don't know Nutt had been the offensive cordnator the entire time he has been at arkansas.

    With the promise of Gus that the offense was going to change, which was really the S5's only concern about playing in a predictable jr high offensive scheme, all but Webb committed to Arkansas. All was well in Arkansas land.

    So practice comes around and Mitch isn't red shirted, even though we had a true freshman as a starter the previous year (can't say I disagree, Mustian's better). however, neither one of them get the start in the USC game, Robert Johnson gets the start.. and after that game was switched to WR never to see QB again (although he has become a more than serviceable WR, best route runner on the team). Mitch comes in, and drives us to a touchdown in his first series.

    After that, with the game slipping away, Mitch forces some balls, makes a couple of bad plays, but considering it was his first game as a college athlete, it was a hell of a showing.

    so Frank Broyles than demands that mitch be the starter, so he is.

    Mitch goes 8 and 0. however what you don't see is the offense never opening up, and arkansas, regardless of us hiring Gus as the offensive cordnator, Nutt is still calling all the plays.

    You'd be pissed too.

    Arkansas fans get a bad rep. it's not the lack of passing that pisses us off.. we have one of the best running back tandems ever. it's that when we are forced to pass the ball (i.e LsU, FL, Wisconsin), we fail and we fail miserably. Our WR's don't' know how to run routes, and usually we only run plays where there are 2 or even 1 WR in the entire Spread. Our QB's don't know how to read coverages, etc. All this comes from a lack of coaching, and a lack of practicing.

    So we end the year. Gus actually gets Cordnatior of the year via rivals, AND TRANSFERS TO TAKE THE SAME JOB AT TULSA!!! to get away from arkansas. it's that bad.

    Then (and this is one of the real reasons he left, not what you have read) One of houston nutt's friends, actually I think it's a friend of Danny Nutt, his brother and RB coach, emailed Mitch and basically blasted him, calling him names that you don't call a college freshman and you defeinatly don't do so if you are a friend of the Head Football coaches.

    Then all this is brought to frank broyles, and Frank basically tells him tough **** kid, and that "he wouldn't make it in the SEC because he's not mobile enough".

    So after all that, you'd leave to.

    USC is getting a HELL of a QB. He's a VErY smart kid, he has all the tools in the world, has a little learning to do, but he's not a "mommas boy" like he's been spun out to be.. he got an extremely raw deal

    Look at what happened this year. Not one top ARK player in arkansas would take arkansas seriously.. no one wants to be a part of that mess. We win 10 games and have probably the worst recruiting year since Nutt has been on the hill. We lost Burns and Ziemba (future 1st rounder, book it) to Auburn. We lost the running back to USC (I forgot his name) and we lost a WR that was highly recruited to Texas.

    Ryan mallet was ours to loose since he was a sophomore, but when Nutt had him come to camp and try out as a tight end ,he promptly dropped us off his list.

    Right after the Mustain situation, the BOD made Boryles resign at the end of this coming year (it will be his 50th year with arkansas, so they are letting him stay until then)

    anyway, i'm getting pissed talking about it.


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      Wow, if that's the case, shouldn't Nutt be fired???


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        I think he'll be great
        Do not weep for those lost on 4-16-07 for they are in a better place than those left behind who mourn them. God is Love.


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          There is a good chance that he ends up starting for SC after Booty leaves, but there's also a pretty good chance he never gets to be a starter. As a college player it must be very enticing to play for SC right now. If Mustain becomes a starter, hes almost definately a first round pick, but he could also go undrafted if he doesnt start. High risk, high reward. Good luck to him.


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            i think mustain possibly could start after sanchez but i have a hard time seeing him start after booty. does aaron corp remind anyone else of tim tebow?
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              Why didn't he redshirt then transfer if he was going to transfer?

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