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Nebraska's spring game is on NFL Network tomorrow night?

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  • Nebraska's spring game is on NFL Network tomorrow night?

    I just heard that. I heard they've upgraded their talent a bit the last couple of years. I'll probably DVR it to see if they have the goods to win the Big 12 this year. Since I'm a Cal guy, not sure if I'd like to see them beat SC or not, or save that for the Bears ;)

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    Damn it i dont have NFL network.Someone tell me how Keller did.
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      yay...i'll watch it

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        can someoene pm me or make a thread on how keller does?
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          Originally posted by Jimmy View Post
          can someoene pm me or make a thread on how keller does?
          same here.
          "The liberator who destroys my property, is fighting to save my spirit. The teacher who clears all possessions from my path will set me free."-Tyler Durden


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            I'll be watching it.

            I'll post my reviews of Keller, Lucky, Purify and whoever else deserves mention.

            I'm expecting Lucky to go off.

            For those of you that don't know Callahan uses the first team vs. second team format, so look for the 1st team skill position players to put on a show.


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              belive me, i am... expecting lucky to go off that is...

              the dude is 210 and is agile as hell

              WARNING SPOILER
              THE ****** BELOW HAS SPOILED THE GAME FOR ME, dont let it happen to you
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                wait dude... its tonite!


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                  Wow, the Red Team just destroyed the White Team. Judging from the stats, Keller beat Ganz today. Gonna have to wait to see the actual game.


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                    Originally posted by Archangel Michael View Post
                    Wow, the Red Team just destroyed the White Team. Judging from the stats, Keller beat Ganz today. Gonna have to wait to see the actual game.
                    wow, thanks for spoiling it
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                      Don't look too much into stats in this game. It was 1's versus 2's, so you can't gather a whole lot from it. Keller and Ganz shared time with the 1's, with both taking every other series with the starters.

                      Just a few notes ...

                      Marlon Lucky hurt his knee late in the scrimmage. CBC called it a medial sprain, but he will be getting a MRI done tomorrow or Monday. If Lucky is lost, it all will be on Cody Glenn who is still suffering form an ankle injury he suffered in the A&M game from last season. Kenny Wilson is done for the year already with a broken femur after he had lost around 50 pounds due to a nasty knee infection. Major Culbert has taken time at RB this spring.

                      Nebraska had alot of injuries in general for this one. Alot of positions like RDE, TE, CB, RB, G had the starters out or really dinged up.

                      Also, Lydon Murtha (starting RT) as hurt early in the scrimmage. Not for sure what happened to him, but he was replaced nicely by redshirt freshman DJ Jones.

                      Keller or Ganz didn't really separate from another. Ganz was 11-18 for 157 yards and 2 TDs (1 passing, 1 rushing). Keller was 10-13 for 193 yards and 1 TD. Neither took any real shots downfield.

                      Also, CBC let Coach Gilmore and Coach Watson call the plays in the scrimmage for the first time in his tenure. Both played really vanilla in the 2nd half to not run up the score anymore.

                      Ricky Thenarse was just blasting people. Put a really nice hit on the 230lbs. Cody Glenn.

                      Up the middle and at rush end, Nebraska should be just fine, if not better than last season. Unfortunately, Zach Potter is playing base defensive end to replace Carriker this year. It's a shame he has the frame of a Carriker, but the attitude of a JV cheerleader. Don't think he had a tackle in this game.

                      Lastly, the one thing that impressed me most about Keller is his maturation as a quarterback. At Arizona State, he was known for taking chances and trying to fit the ball into spots he really couldn't. Basically, that gunslinger mentality. Today he showed the ability to go through his progressions and find the open man.

                      Their is probably alot more I'm leaving out, but all that comes off the top of my head.
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                        looking forward to seeing Ndamukong Suh, very impressive last season when I saw him and is a big boy at 6-4 315.


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                          ASU Spring Game

                          I'm going to the Arizona State spring game in about 10 minutes and hopefully Rudy shows Keller belongs in Nebraska


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                            I thought Kellar played really well


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                              I'm still holding my breath on the Lucky front. You never know until you see the MRI. Today is a huge day for Nebraska football b/c of that MRI. Losing Lucky would probably add 2 to 3 losses to the schedule. Bowman's already out for 3-6 months, so let's hope for some good news for once.

                              My Reviews:


                              Most Impressive Player: I'll say Keller although Lucky looked pretty good as well. The thing about Keller that shocks me as a Nebraska fan is how smooth and relaxed he is back there. We've never really had a passing QB like that. As one poster pointed out his longest throw was probably 15-18 yards, so it's hard to judge his downfield game. But the short and intermediate throws were crisp and accurate. His release is very, very quick. I was really proud to have Taylor as our QB the past two years, but he threw like a pitcher where as Keller almost throws like a catcher. Straight up to his ear and fire, yet he still puts much more zip on the ball than Taylor did. If Keller stays healthy I'd have to think he's got a decent shot of going Rd. 1.


                              Marlon Lucky - Looked a little more powerful than last year. Still leaves something to be desired from a tackle breaking standpoint, but he's quite agile and is such a natural pass receiver. He definitely needs to refine his interior running to be an NFL feature back, but the talent is there. Worst case scenario, he'll make a nice third down back on the next level.

                              Maurice Purify - Same old Mo. Not the fastest guy around but his ball skills are elite IMO. I think situation is going to be very important on the next level b/c I'm not sold on his ability to get seperation against elite athletes. He should be an outstanding college receiver this year though.

                              Cody Glenn - For a guy that's supposed to be 70% I thought he was pretty impressive. Power is definitely his calling card but he's got a bit of a burst. I think he'll really surprise people if he can stay healthy.

                              Joe Ganz - Surprised me. Was pretty efficient and very gutsy. I think Ganz can win on the college level, but there is 0% chance he beats out Keller IMO. The main difference I noticed between Ganz and Keller is that Ganz seemed to have to scratch and claw to move the team whereas Keller seemed to do so effortlessly.

                              Defense -

                              Most Impressive Player:

                              Ndamukong Suh - Best pro prospect on the team IMO. It was two hand touch rules on the QBs, but Suh had at least three sacks. He was in the backfield on almost every play. He's one of the most lean 315-20 pounders you'll ever see and he's very agile and sudden in pursuit. Could go top ten before all is said and done.

                              Steve Octavien - I doubt that he'll actually stay healthy, but if he does he'll have an outstanding season. He's extremely athletic (4.4/4.5 guy), is a violent hitter and is going to be allowed to rush the passer more this season. If healthy he'll be an all-conference player.

                              Ricky Thernarse - He's just really, really good. I wish we'd just go ahead and start him over Tierre Green, b/c Thernarse and Asante would be a killer (literally) safety tandem. I think Thernarse might hit even harder than Asante even though he gives up 40 pounds. Additionally Thernarse has CB coverage skills. Definitely a pro prospect down the road IMO.

                              Larry Asante - An athletic 215 pound strond safety, he'll definitely give Big 12 receivers some pause about going over the middle. Hard to say how he'll hold up in coverage since he wasn't tested, but he should be athletic enough to be at least average in pass defense.

                              Andre Jones - Looked much better than last year. I think he was the one who got the pick off the deflection. Again, he wasn't tested much but he really needs to live up to his 5 star hype. This was a good start IMO.

                              Those are the guys I noticed off the top of my head.



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