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  • Ncaa 08

    u think this year for the Campus Legand you'll be able to be an Offensive Linemen??
    everyear they have every position besides offensive line

    you can play oline on Madden, but madden is very unrealistic compared to NCAA

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    Correction: You haven't been able to use TE, either.

    At least not in 07. I skipped 06...


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      oh u cant use TE also? i didnt notice

      But yeah they need to make is so that u can use any position.....

      they even have kicker dont they??
      who actually wants to use a kicker???


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        QB is the only position to be. I like LBs and RBs, but you don't always get the ball. QB you can run and pass, so you are always doin something. If you could go both ways and be a RB and a safety, or WR and CB, I'd do that.


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          yeah but id most want to play as guard


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            I love playing QB and HB, but i think pulling as a Guard would be really fun.


            "Pride comes before the fall" - Mark Dantonio



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              I think they should do it in 1st person like Madden, but also not make it hard to see if your like a QB. If i choose QB, i dont wanna have to play defense too.

              Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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                The only problem with QB is that lots of times you'll just hand off for long stretches, if your team is a runner.


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                  If you're a QB you can still audible out of run plays if that bores you, but I still had fun even doing that, because of course that's not the only thing you'd end up doing in a game. You're directly contributing to your position and your position only, it's great! At least, it is in Madden. From NCAA they should really work on the drills and work-outs so you can also be athletes that do play on both sides of the ball, but I really did like the play your position and sped up version of the otherside of the ball. Made it more fun for me.



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