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      For me personally, it's close between Michigan and ND. Living in Illinois and getting all the annoying extra press coverage from ND because they're the closest big time football program gets old, especially with all the bandwagon Domers.

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        Personally, I detest USC. I live in California, and it jsut might be the biggest bandwagon state around. When the Lakers were winning, you couldn't go anywhere without seeing Lakers **** everywhere. Then it was the Angels. Now it's SC. I hate California teams and California fans [except the Chargers].


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          I hate Notre Dame, USC (Southern California), Miami, and most of the time Florida.

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            mich fans

            for all the mich fans ripping on cleveland31, im not encouraging his actions but im sure he's says all this crap on purpose just to make u guys mad and then he shows his friends all your reactions to get laughs. I'm get the feeling that he likes all the attention he gets.


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              for example, danman, chase is a perfect example of what im talking about. Can u really take what he says seriously?


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                Re: danman

                Originally posted by TiTaNsFAN 1014
                for example, danman, chase is a perfect example of what im talking about. Can u really take what he says seriously?
                Chase at least has the slightest bit of football knowledge.

                And no i can't take chase seriously. He listens to celine dion.


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                  Originally posted by therock6000
                  i'd say either love them or hate is extremely difficult to be a partial fan of the program 8)

                  Took the words from my mouth.

                  though I did enjoy Rudy.


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                    Tennessee AKA felons'R'us

                    And most of there fans are fools.(Expect for Pitbull, and anyone else on this site).

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                      I dont understand what it is with Buckeye fans. Is it because you live in Ohio and have nothing else positive to look forward too or is it just a general lack of class? I think OSU fans suffer from an inferiority complex when it comes to Michigan so when they get a chance they cant handle themselfs. Besides Jbond, every OSU fan I have ever met is a complete dickhead. Act like you have won a game before. I think it's a fair assumption Michigan doesnt care about tOSu as much as tOSU care's about Michigan.
                      Couldn't agree more. We dislike OSU, but OSU HATES us. Honestly, I would be embarassed if I were an OSU fan by some of the behavior exhibited by OSU fans. You guys have great talent, a classy leader in Smith, a classy coach- and then fans who have a national reputation for being the most abusive, thuggish, ignorant goons ever. Throwing beer cans at little girls because they have Michigan gear on, picking fights, etc. Every program has some fans like that, but OSU seems to take pride in them. Like someone said, act like you've won a game before.

                      Also, is this the right place to do my analysis of the game? I know its late, but I was so angry and disappointed for days afterward that I knew if I came on here and had to deal with cleveland and other bonehead fans, I would probably get myself banned. Now that I'm calmed down, I want to get my opinion on the game out.
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                        Should add Texas to the poll because it seems like a lot of people around here hate them...
                        Whats up buttercup!


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                          Re: Most Hated Programs

                          Originally posted by Fred Savage
                          Judge on players, attitude, coaches, etc.
                          You really mean base it on your own biases and jealousies right, because that is all your going to get.
                          And proud of it!!!


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                            Those are my own biased answers. :P


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                              I personally don't like OSU and Florida, since i am a ND, FSU, And Miami fan...but I haven't watched enough college football to formulate a general consesus on witch school is the most dispised
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                                That is correct comahan
                                I ******* LOVE YOU DG
                                <3 dg



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