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    Originally posted by dre1614 View Post
    no he can't, at least in the NFL he can't.

    He is almost as bad as Roy Williams, in terms of coverage ability. Hell Patrick Crayton has burnt Sean Taylor twice in the last 2 years.

    ill name a few more

    Reggie Brown
    Dante Stallworth
    Randy Moss
    Terry Glenn
    and i hardly ever watch Redskins games lol

    The facts are while he has decent speed, he is not that good of a cover safety.
    People are gonna get burned.. It happens. No DB can be perfect. Sean Taylor's coverage is good. Why cover the guy when you can just flinch at him and he'll drop? lol Anyone remember when Jerry Porter raped Champ Bailey in the game in the snow?


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      Originally posted by bored of education View Post
      i dont believe this for 4.28 seconds

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        Originally posted by YAYareaRB View Post
        Sean Taylor covers the whole field. How dare you insult the Great Sean Taylor by putting his name in the same post as this glorified track star? Hehehe
        glorified track star? have you even seen him play?


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          Originally posted by lbmtrojan View Post
          Wow, we sure have cannonized Sean Taylor. As a true freshman Taylor was a nickle/dime back. Mays was the starter. Mays was a 2nd team Sporting News AA as a true freshman. I would say it's more than relevant to compare the two when looking at both at similar points in thier career. Heck, I'd say Mays is a year ahead of Taylor so far in development.

          Also, it's really great that Taylor can hit so hard, but I'm pretty sure the point is to get the opponent on the ground. Taylor often times tries for the big hit at the expense of the sure tackle.

          Also, I don't believe Mays rana 4.28. I'd believe it more if it was 4.48, which is still pretty fast. BTW Taylor ran a 4.49 at 6'2 230 pounds. Mays is 6'4 225. Oh yeah, and didn't Calvin Johnson, at 6'5 239 pounds, just run a 4.35 40? So perhaps Mays is close to Johnson's speed...
          Well Sean Taylor also had two really good safeties in Ed Reed and James Lewis playing ahead of him where as Mays came into a secondary where they had lost both the starters form the year before and suffered some injuries during the spring so its not really fair to compare them at that stage. Taylor arguebly should have been an AA his sophmore year and played pretty damn well in the National Championship Game. Plus the Sporting News AA team is an opinion of their sports writers as opposed to the AP


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            Originally posted by snuff View Post
            No matter how you cut it Antwaine (sp) Perez would of made a better Safety, had he not gotten hurt, but now he is lost in the middle of no where at I believe Rutgers.
            Didn't he go to Maryland?


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              Even if this is true, I have no idea why everyone is so enamored with this kid. He actually shied away from contact last year, rendering his massive frame pretty much useless. If he starts hitting like a linebacker, call me. If not, he's never going to be much of a superstar.


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                Originally posted by SNIPER26 View Post
                No, it is true that Sean Taylor can't cover that well. He's more of a Roy Williams in the box type of player, (let's not kid ourselves though Taylor is a much better cover guy than Williams), but good God can he hit. I think Taylor is still looking for his jock from when Stallworth double-moved him this year
                I've said this for a long time. Although, Taylor's style is more like Polamalu's, where they're great athletes, but it doesn't necessary translate into great coverage skills. Still, they're both much better than Roy Williams. I've said for a long time that I think Taylor would be most successful in a Polamalu type of role, where he could just roam the field and freelance and make plays. That's when he's at his best.



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