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    How many RBs is LSU going to play Keiland Williams, Broussard, and Richard Murphy?


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      Yea LSU has like a 4 back rotation and Jacob Hester gets a lot of touches, whether they are receptions or carries, for a FB as well.


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        Originally posted by devinhester=R.O.Y 2006 View Post
        I have three for Illinois

        Juice Williams, QB, Illinois

        Vontae Davis, DB, Illinois

        Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois
        Those are not sleepers. Possible impact players though, definitely.

        My sleepers for Illinois would be Trevon Bellamy CB, Chris Duvalt CB and Chris James WR. 3 guys that didn't get much PT last year and aren't very well known, but they've looked great in the spring so far. James has been catching everything in sight, Bellamy has looked extremely well at starting CB, and Duvalt is now pushing Bellamy for the starting spot. Should be interesting until the regular season starts which one of those guys wins the starting job opposite Vontae Davis.

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        Originally posted by JBCX
        Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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          I think Jonathan Goff the MLB from Vanderbilt is going to cement his status as a top 3 MLB


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            Originally posted by Don Vito View Post
            Yea LSU has like a 4 back rotation and Jacob Hester gets a lot of touches, whether they are receptions or carries, for a FB as well.
            I kind of hope we have a clear cut #1 before the start of the season. It kinda worked last season, but the whole RB situation was way too shaky.

            I'd really like to see:

            - Keiland Williams as the "feature" RB. I put feature in quotes because in the recent past, our top ball carrier only got around 150 carries each season. I'll not lie, I'm very partial to Keiland becaue I got to see him live in person so much here in Lafayette, but there's no denying the kid has immense talent and he really came on stong late last season.

            - Richard Murphy as the clear cut #2, a guy who still gets around 100 or so carries, used similarly to Joe Addai circa 2003-04, before Addai became our #1. I haven't seen Murphy play but I've heard a lot of good stuff.

            - Alley Broussard as the short yardage and goal line back, but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part. I love Broussard, he's a Lafayette guy, and just a few years ago he looked like an emerging superstar. Then came the injury, and with it (apparently) a case of laziness, and it's all been downhill from there. I hope he can turn it around and make the most out of his senior season.

            - Charles Scott should get a few touches, too. If there wasn't so much depth in front of him, I'd feel comfortable with him getting a larger load.

            - Jacob Hester should be used more in the passing game and less in the running game. I like the guy a lot, but there just aren't enough carries to go around. He really proved himself last season as an excellent option out of the backfield, posting 35 receptions.

            - Finally, Trindon Holliday should handle all return duties. Dude showed flashes of being a dynamic, GREAT return man last season.
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              Sammie Stroughter


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                I'd like to see Holiday get the ball a little more than last year. Hes not big enough to carry a full load, but it seems like every time he touched the ball last year he went a long way.

                You can use him a ton of ways, too. Returning kicks, sweeps and throws out of the backfield are the most obvious, but I'd like to see him get used as kinda a slot receiver, if that makes any sense. Not really a WR, hes too small for that..but maybe line him up there and throw a screen to him.

                I honestly expect Keiland Williams to end up being the #1 back, also. Murphy may be really good, but Williams is the one with playing experience.


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                  Originally posted by snuff View Post
                  Mario gave Jenkins the drop step move and was completely gone.... But Henne over through it.

                  Not sure how good Jenkins would have to cover Limas Sweed as Mccoy sucked in his 2nd game ever...

                  Not sure how good he had to cover Derrick Williams since Derrick Williams didn't have a QB and didn't do anything last year.

                  Not sure how good he did against Florida as they put up 800.

                  I am not even sure who covered him the rest of the game Manningham the rest of the game.

                  I am not sure Cason covered all these people, but hey who knows.Dwayne Jarret(36 yards), Jason Hill(21 and injured I think), Dwayne Bowe(65 but a blowout), Desean Jackson(131 =/), Steve Smith(9), Derrick Hagen(47) and so on.

                  Not sure if you would consider any of them bigtime, but yea... More impressive than your hommie.

                  Ohio States line > Arizona and Kansas
                  Ohio States Safeties > Arizona and Kansas
                  FWIW the double move Manningham put on was when he was against Antonio Smith I believe. Either way, you can make an arguement like this for just about any player in the nation. As for florida, i'd say about 75% of their passing yards came off screens over the middle. In fact, I don't remember a single time a receiver simply beat the cornerback on a deep route except maybe for Dallas baker vs. Smith.
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                    Matt Grothe will have a breakout year.

                    Sports television channel ESPN named Grothe the "biggest surprise" in all of the Big East Conference for the 2006 football season. In total offensive yards, Grothe accumulated an average of 246 yards per game, second to only Louisville's Brian Brohm in 2006 Big East play. Nationally, he ranked #17 in total offense for 2006 and was the 2nd ranked freshman in the country in that category. [1]"

                    At South Florida, Grothe has rewritten the record book, surpassing 3000 yards of total offense in his first full season and passing for more than 2400, obliterating both school records formerly held by Marquel Blackwell, a feat even more impressive when one considers that those records were originally established against far inferior competition. On December 1, 2006, the Sporting News magazine named Grothe the 2006 Big East Freshman of the Year, as well as naming him to the Big East All-Freshman team. The Tampa Tribune also named Grothe the Big East Rookie of the Year.

                    * 2006 Big East Rookie of the Year
                    * 2006 Sporting News Big East Freshman of the Year
                    * 2006 Sporting News Big East All-Freshman Team
                    * 2006 Scout All-American Freshman Team (2nd team)
                    * 2006 Tampa Tribune Big East Freshman of the Year
                    * 2007 Heisman Watch Candidate"

                    Source: Wikipedia
                    Player Card:


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                      USF is on the rise :)

                      we will soon be a BCS Bowl representative within the next few years

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                        Grothe is def. going to be someone to watch for this year. I am really impressed with him and USF is really an up and coming program. The Big East is not left for dead like many thought it would be.

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                          Originally posted by -black View Post
                          USF is on the rise :)

                          we will soon be a BCS Bowl representative within the next few years
                          Most Definitely. The Big East may turn out to be one of the most competitive conferences.


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                            I love Jim Levitt..

                            im really thinkin WVU vs USF and Lou vs USF is going to become a big time rivalry

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                              Originally posted by fenikz View Post
                              IMO, 'Dre is by far the most underrated player in college football, mostly against the SEC

                              6'5 240

                              I'd like for someone to show me another QB with a 155 rating and 36 sacks. The kid is poised in the pocket.


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                                Originally posted by simms2clayton View Post
                                I'd like for someone to show me another QB with a 155 rating and 36 sacks. The kid is poised in the pocket.
                                I am guessing that Kentucky is not big in recruiting an o-line for this kid?

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