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2008 College Football Awards Predictions

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    Heisman: Darren McFadden (Arkansas) Jr.

    Walter Camp (Best Player): Colt Brennan (Hawaii) Sr.

    Doak Walker (Best RB): Steve Slaton (West Virgina) Jr.

    Davey O'Brien (Best QB): Brain Brohm (Louisville) Sr.

    Lombardi (Best LB/Lineman): Xavier Adibi (Virginia Tech) Sr.

    Outland (Best Lineman): Jared Gaither (Maryland) Jr.

    Biletnikoff (Best WR): Limas Sweed (Texas) Sr.

    Mackey (Best TE): Craig Stevens (California) Sr.

    Thorpe (Best DB): Kenny Phillips (Miami-Florida) Jr.

    Bednarik (Best Defensive Player): Dan Conner (Penn State) Sr.

    Coach of the Year: Joe Paterno (Penn State)


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      Coach of the Year-Jim Levitt

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        Heisman: Darren McFadden

        Doak Walker: Steve Slaton (I don't think Darren will win both)

        Walter Camp: Kenny Phillips (yup I said it and it's a balsy prediction but hey why not)

        Davey O'Brien: Chad Henne (another risky prediction)

        Lombardi: Calais Campbell

        Thorpe: Malcom Jenkins

        Outland: Jake Long

        Biletnikoff: Early Doucet

        Bednarik: Dan Connor

        Coach: Ron Zook!! :D

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        Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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          Heisman: Mcfadden but i think that Arkansas has to have a good year. Alternate: Steve Slaton

          Walter Camp (Best Player): Darren McFadden. Alternate: John David Booty

          Doak Walker (Best RB): Darren McFadden. Alternate: Steve Slaton

          Davey O'Brien (Best QB): John David Booty. Alternate: Colt Brennan

          Lombardi (Best LB/Lineman): Keith Rivers. Alternate: Laurenitis

          Outland (Best Lineman): Sam Baker. Alternate: Jake Long

          Biletnikoff (Best WR): Manningham Alternate: Desean Jackson

          Thorpe (Best DB): Kenny Phillips. Alternate: Antoine Cason

          Bednarik (Best Defensive Player): Laurenitis . Alternate: Keith Rivers


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            Heisman: Desean Jackson
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              Heisman:John David Booty or Andre Woodson

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                I hope Limas Sweed gets the Biletnikoff award.

                Thanks to jackalope


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                  Originally posted by iowatreat54 View Post
                  there's no way Zbikowski wins the thorpe...that's just a ridiculous pick...and JDB will win the O'Brien

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                    I'm soory because I cannont comment on any of the other awards but for the thorpe it is going to be a real close and excitiing race between Antoine Cason of Arizona and Kenny Phillips of Miami


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                      Heisman: Darren McFadden

                      Walter Camp (Best Player): Darren McFadden

                      Doak Walker (Best RB): Steve Slaton

                      Davey O'Brien (Best QB): JDB

                      Lombardi (Best LB/Lineman): Calais Campbell

                      Outland (Best Lineman): Jake Long

                      Biletnikoff (Best WR): Mario Manningham

                      Thorpe (Best DB): Kenny Phillips.

                      Bednarik (Best Defensive Player): Dan Connor


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                        If Jack Ikegwanou has another stellar year and shuts down Manningham vs Michigan, he will be a finalist for the Thorpe award.


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                          Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
                          Heisman:John David Booty or Andre Woodson
                          How's Woodson gonna win when Kentucky will only win 7 games?
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                            Heisman: John David Booty. Comes off a very productive first season starting at USC, great supporting cast but has young, relatively inexperienced WR to throw to. Remind you of anybody else's resume? Maybe Leinart going into the 2004 campaign?

                            Other invites to NYC: Darren McFadden, Brian Brohm, Steve Slaton

                            Walter Camp (Best Player): Darren McFadden

                            Doak Walker (Best RB): Darren McFadden

                            Davey O'Brien (Best QB): Brian Brohm

                            Biletnikoff (Best WR): Desean Jackson

                            Mackey (Best TE): Martin Rucker

                            Outland (Best Lineman): Jake Long

                            Bednarik (Best Defensive Player from Maxwell Club): Vince Hall

                            Nagurski (best Defensive player voted by FWAA): Glenn Dorsey

                            Hendricks (Best DE): Derrick Harvey (so hard to decide between him and Calais Campbell)

                            Lombardi (Best LB/Lineman): Vince Hall

                            Butkus (best LB): Dan Connor

                            Thorpe (Best DB): Kenny Phillips
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                              great list solomon


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                                I have a hard time believing that the Mackey won't go to John Carlson. Statwise, I'm still wondering why he didn't win it last year.



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