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Pro possibilty for any of these 3 QB's?

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    I was just using those stats as an example I never said anyone gave those numbers specifically, but people are making it out like Benn is all of a sudden going to improve Juice's numbers drastically...yes with all the talent around around him Juice should improve his numbers but we will how much he improves, if at all...

    and he said one player would drop 2 by himself, which he implied that obviously there is going to be other drops in the game...

    I will guarantee right now that Juice will never be in the running for the Heisman ever, he might be mention in the same sentence by people but never in the running and will be a 2nd day draft pick at best...Zook is still too much of a joke to teach him or anyone on that football team anything


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      Zook doesn't work with Juice that much at all.

      Locksley does.. And he's not a bad coach at all. He will be a D1 HC very soon.



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