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  • National Championship

    Ok, I saw a lot of polls about the other bowls. Whose gonna win? Florida or Ohio St. and after further thought, I like Florida in an upset.

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    The homer in me wants florida to beat them, but they won't, won't come close.


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      Ohio State by 29

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        Florida? Is that another one of your lame jokes?


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          I think it's going to be close. I like Florida slightly more, maybe it's homerism, but I think they could beat Ohio State. It's going to be a good/close game, though.

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            Originally posted by snuff
            Florida? Is that another one of your lame jokes?
            No, but it maybe the alcohol I drank to get over the disappointment of the Wolverines getting snubbed.


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              OSU because Leak will do something stupid

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                Someone put this in their sig:

                tOSU by 20.


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                  OSU by at least 17. Florida will turn the ball over, several times. This will offset their good D.


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                    In all seriousness

                    Florida will prolly have more turnovers than points.

                    Turnovers:Florida 3, Ohio St. 0

                    Final Score:Ohio St. 35, Florida 2


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                      I think the Buckeyes will take care of business again and cap off the season with both a Heisman Trophy and a National Championship.

                      While Florida has a good defense, it is certainly not better than Michigan's. I don't think the Buckeyes will put up 42 again, but I could see them posting around 30. As for the Florida offense, it is a shame that they do not have a reliable ground game, because it is a chink in Ohio State's armor. The Buckeyes secondary is good enough to handle anything the Gators throw at them. Florida will have trouble moving the ball on them, they'll need the Buckeyes to make some mistakes in order to help them.

                      When all is said and done, I think the Buckeyes will beat Florida by 10-14 points. However, it will be one of those games where you never actually believed the other team had a legitimate chance to win while watching it.


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                        this isnt even funny OSU.
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                          Someone break down the positions.


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                              QB- OSU
                              RB- OSU
                              WR- OSU
                              OL- OSU
                              DL- OSU
                              LB- UF
                              DB- OSU

                              Yeah OSU has got this.



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