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  • 2007 heisman frontrunner

    This is's poll question.

    Who is next year's heisman frontrunner or potential favorite to win it all? To keep it from being a lopsided poll ill take darren mcfadden off.

    Also, if you think somebody else not on the list, like chad henne or pat white, then feel free to say so.

    keep in mind this is espn's poll so dont badmouth me if you dont like the choices.

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    Desean Jackson will win the Heisman next year.Quote me on it someone.Im saying it right now.
    Cals offense depends on him more than they do Lynch.
    He can do everything.
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      Paul McCall will lead the Florida International Golden Panthers to an undefeated record and a national championship along with winning the Heisman.


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        Since I can't take McFadden I'll go DeSean Jackson. He can score running, recieving, returning and passing if they let him.


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          The person i think that has a legit shot at winning it is, percy harvin. He can do almost everything... well.


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            Colt Brennan

            Jay Cutler>Matt Leinart>>>>danman253
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              Slaton if he stays healthy.

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                Honestly? I think it is Mike Hart. I think he is going to have a monster year and if Michigan's defense can stay upright and well, he could really push McFadden hard since I don't think Arkansas will be the best team in the nation. I think UM has the best chance to be the best team, and Hart is their best player.

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                  Desean Jackson? Give me a break.... Manningham is better, will be playing for a better team, and get 2x the pub.

                  Mike Hart or McFadden in my opinion.

                  The people love Mike Hart, Michigan should be a top5 team, and he is a senior.


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                    I think Jackson is going to get a solid amount of press heading into next year by magazines (because they always target "playmakers"). However, I think expecting Jackson to get that many return TD's is something that will be up to a certain amount of chance. That said, with Lynch likely out of the picture, Cal will throw it more, so Jackson will have the receiving numbers.

                    I wouldn't call him a favorite, but I'd certainly call him a darkhorse.


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                      Mario Manningham
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                        I'd look out for Brian Brohm as a sleeper.


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                          1. Darren McFadden
                          2. Michael Hart
                          3. Jonathan Stewart
                          4. Bobby Reid
                          5. Steve Slaton
                          I'm a state.


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                            Originally posted by Ewing
                            Paul McCall will lead the Florida International Golden Panthers to an undefeated record and a national championship along with winning the Heisman.
                            :?: Do you know him?

                            That is correct comahan
                            I ******* LOVE YOU DG
                            <3 dg


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                              Trying not to be a homer but Henne and Hart will both be talked about with Heisman, because they are both 4 year started on what should be a national title contender. Also you prob gotta have a USC guy in there, I wouldn't be surpirsed to see Patrick Turner's name being thrown around towads the end of the year, he should be the top wideout, and the only really proven one so he'll get a lot of touches.

                              But thats really all a formality because Jimmy Clausen should be winner his first next year haha.



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