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Nick Saban is a pile of garbage.

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    Originally posted by VY10 View Post
    Thats his brother, the kid from Two A Days, ROSS WILSON.

    John Parker was the starting quarterback for Bama last year.
    I said that because I thought John Parker graduated for some reason.


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      Originally posted by Patriots-Lions View Post
      Well what has Miami done that is so special? They haven't done jack since joining the ACC and their "dominance" came in the weak Big East. Over the last six years Miami has one more conference championship than LSU does. The Big East was a joke at that time. Miami only had to show up for one conference game a year during that three year stretch, and that was Virginia Tech. One year, Pittsburgh was fairly competitive. Miami dominated the garbage that was the Big East and they haven't done crap in the ACC.

      The Last ten years is a big time frame. I don't think anyone is arguing who has been the better program over the last decade. The debate is which team was the better program over the last few years. That link you provided includes seasons of LSU football that were before the Nick Saban era. Over the last six years, LSU leads the SEC in wins (not 100% sure, but it looks to be the case) and they have more conference titles than Florida, Auburn, and Tennessee. It was a nice attempt, but I'm actually surprised that LSU is as high as it is. Considering that LSU had a whopping 16 wins in the three year span before Nick Saban got there, only being 10 wins back over a 10 year period is prettty good.

      Listen, I don't like LSU and I don't dislike Miami. I just think people are short changing LSU when it comes to this discussion. Right now, at this moment and over the last few years, LSU is and has been the superior football program. Miami had their run in the early 00's, and LSU is having their run right now.
      1st off i wasnt arguing who had the better program...i just responed to someone sayin lsu had dominated the SEC...and u said lsu has the most wins in the last 6 years in the SEC and thats not true..georgia leads in wins over the last 6 years


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        Yeah, Georgia's had a hell of a program. Richt is a great coach. I expect Georgia to be very competitive this year now that Stafford has some experience with the offense.

        The SEC East in general has been brutal the last 10 or so years.


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          Originally posted by Patriots-Lions View Post
          Actually, in the 2003-2005 span (not including last year for Miami or LSU) Miami is 29-8 and LSU is 33-6. I don't understand how the 6-6 record can just be thrown aside or ignored like some Miami fans want it to. Yes, it was a horrible season that isn't likely to happen again. But it did happen. Miami has no one to blame but themselves. After Butch Davis left them they made a crappy hire in Larry Coker and they stayed with Coker for too long. He should've been fired after the 2004 season when it was evident that he wasn't recruiting up to Miami standards and the team was underacheiving. But the poor decision to keep Larry Coker around shouldn't take away from LSU's accomplishments.
          It shouldn't be just cast aside but people are ridiculous to think that is what Miami is going to be like. There were a ridiculous amount of things that happened this year that had nothing to do with player talent. Be it Coker firing the OC and OL coach to save his ass to the death of Bryan Pata and the FIU fight, as well as the injuries.

          Over the last few years, yes LSU has been better, but I'm talking about a bigger time frame.

          That is correct comahan
          I ******* LOVE YOU DG
          <3 dg


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            Originally posted by TPFKA#1SaintsFan View Post
            And every year Saban was there, with the exception of the NC season, the team underachieved. He was a hell of a recruiter but he gets far too much credit as a coach, if anything. The talent at LSU, due in large part to Saban's recruiting, was right up there with being the best in the nation, and I think we could have won a couple of National Championships if he was a better coach.
            I think that most teams "underachieve" every year due to fans expectations. Personally as a Texas fan, it seems the Longhorns underachieve every single year except when it is a National Championship.


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              haha what a scum bag

              Originally posted by BeansDooma
              who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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                Originally posted by VY10 View Post
                I think that most teams "underachieve" every year due to fans expectations. Personally as a Texas fan, it seems the Longhorns underachieve every single year except when it is a National Championship.
                Well I guess you could look at what Miles is doing with Saban's players and see what we're talking about.


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                  You guys are crazy! You guys are bragging about past national championships and records but the fact of the matter is LSU is better than Miami, right now. You're looking at a bigger time frame but what is that doing for the program now?


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                    Oh get over it already.

                    Talk is talk is talk. Everybody loves it when Spurrier pokes fun at everybody, but Saban isn't allowed to? Hell, Tubberville is known to make snide coments on other teams, but he's not a great coach. That'll be exposed with Muschamp and Borges get their own programs ina coupe years

                    Does it really matter what a coach says? Not at all. Everyone makes jokes; coaches shouldn't have to sit out. i personally love a coach that shows a sense of humor. it just adds to the atmosphere.

                    So , again, get over it already.

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                      Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                      I think it's pretty funny actually.
                      Hah, agreed.
                      Pugnacity, testosterone, truculence, and belligerence.


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                        all this sec going to go play in my auburn dynasty now for 360 :)

                        RIP, Sean Taylor.



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