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Perrilloux Suspended

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    Kid must enjoy flushing money down the toilet.


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      He was never actually under suspicion over the summer. He passed a few counterfiet 20s that were floating around the Baton Rouge area and cooperated with police to find where they came from.

      The media looked at it as being questioned, but he really wasn't.


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        that sucks for him... but i know someone who got in trouble for using another persons ID and he is going to pay a big ass fine for identity theft. the truth is tons of college kids have and use fake ids. different schools and different places vary on how good they are at telling if an id is fake or how bad of an id they are willing to let in. he probably would have gotten away with a fake that was his name and his picture, but he is a local celebrity- he cannot expect to get away with a real id that isn't his name.
        Coors cold hard facts: Adrian Peterson runs like a little girl. Brady Quinn can't throw on the run. Josh Wilson is going to be a star. CJ is perfect.


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          This kid is just seems full of himself and keeps doing stupid things. He should have known better considering he had a chance for some serious playing time.

          He will be back on the team during the season though, he is too important, especially if Flynn gets hurt the person next in line after Ryan is a incomming recruit.


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            I think James Welker is 3rd on the depth chart. Hes a walk-on, but I don't know his class off-hand.

            Jarrett Lee is the incoming freshman. I think he looks pretty solid, but theres no way he could play well as a freshman in the SEC.



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