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Who will be the most exciting team this year?

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    thats the reason why i picked them as a sleeper, hugh charles hasnt ran for 1,000yds because the oline is/was horrible....that is one thing Hawkings needs to do, recruit better olinemen
    RYan Miller the 5 star recruit (6'8 280lbs or w/e) need more of those....
    in all actuallity hes prob not even good, just a top recruit b/c of his size


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      USC, I can't wait to see JDB in he's 2nd season a starter he will be even better. And the D! oh man is that gonna be fun. Its gonna be such a good season.
      Taking a Knapp.


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        Wolverines should be fun.

        USC, Ohio State, LSU, FSU, Miami and Alabama are teams I'm particularly interested in watching.

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          West Virginia, Louisville and the Buckeyes.

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            after all the big schools i'm goign to list Illinois.

            1. Juice williams, exciting player, really improved his accuracy this offseason.
            2. Rashard Mendenhall. Strong powerful back, first full year starting.
            3. Arrellious Benn. #1 WR recruit on most boards, has been workign w/ 1st, 2nd, and 3rd teams this spring just for extra reps.

            This team was very close in many games, lost to osu by a td, had the lead against wisky in the 3rd.

            didn't lose many players, only1 starter on D. Should be exciting.


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              I always get excited to watch Ohio State


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                great question...

                WV... BUT I dislike them very much... Devine in the mix puts them over the top
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                  WVU will be exciting as usual


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                    i love watching there offense


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                      I think Vandy will, they could upset Arkansas and South Carolina among others, they can compete.



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