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pistol offense?

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  • pistol offense?

    does anyone know anything about the pistol offense?
    any videos?
    any pictures of formations?
    our team is switching to it and all i know is nevada uses it


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    The Pistol Offense is an American Football Offensive strategy and formation. While it has been experimented with by other teams, like Northwestern, it is used mostly by the Nevada Wolfpack. It was created by Chris Ault, Nevada's head coach. It is a combination of the traditional shotgun and singleback offenses. The quarterback lines up three to five yards behind the center, and the running back lines up four yards directly behind the QB. It is often seen with three or more receivers as well. This makes runs more effective than the traditional shotgun, while keeping its pass efficiency. It works well with dual threat quarterbacks who can throw and run. The versatility of the formation can be utilized in a variety of ways. Because the quarterback is closer, he can see over the line and make downfield reads. He will also get the ball snapped to him faster, which can startle the defense. It can effectively use draw plays, counters, and options. Despite it's unconventional and unorthodox appearance, it should be considered when listing the more explosive offenses in college football.
    From wiki.

    Really is a weird thing to watch. Very different than any other offense in college.

    That is correct comahan
    I ******* LOVE YOU DG
    <3 dg


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      Go here and search for pistol:


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        thanks guys



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