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    Originally posted by keylime_5 View Post
    I take Manningham over Doucet or any other WR except maybe DeSean (but he is a jerk, so I take Mario). That's saying something considering how much I love Michigan (about as much as the devil loves Jesus)
    And Michigan loves you too ;) I love Manningham but I have to wait and see how he plays now that he should be 100%


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      DO worry about the Badgers qb situation, no one has the true reins and both looked very indecisive in the spring game.

      2007 Iowa Hawkeyes

      QB - Jake Christensen 6'1 220 SO.
      RB - Albert Young 5'10 217 SR.
      RB - Damian Sims 5'9 208 SR.
      FB - Tom Busch 5'11 240 SR.
      WR - Dominique Douglas 6'1 195 SO.
      WR - Andy Brodell 6'3 212 JR.
      TE - Anthony Moeaki 6'4 255 JR.
      LT - Dace Richardson 6'6 313 JR.
      LG - Seth Olsen 6'5 310 JR.
      C - Rafael Eubanks 6'3 300 SO.
      RG - Andy Kuempel 6'7 310 SO.
      RT - Wes Aeschilman 6'9 335 SO.

      LE - Kenny Iwebema 6'4 280 SR.
      DT - Mitch King 6'3 270 JR.
      DT - Matt Kroul 6'3 265 JR.
      RE - Bryan Mattison 6'4 272 SR.
      OLB - Mike Humpal 6'2 235 SR.
      MLB - Mike Klinkenborg 6'2 245 SR.
      OLB - AJ Edds 6'4 238 SO.
      CB - Charles Godfrey 6'1 218 SR.
      CB - Adam Shada 6'1 195 SR.
      FS - Brett Greenwood 6' 190 FR.
      SS - Marcus Wilson 6'4 230 SO.

      K - Austin Signor 6'4 240 SO.
      P - Ryan Donahue 6'3 190 FR.

      KR - Cedric Everson 6'1 190 True Frosh
      PR - Cedric Everson 6'1 190 True Frosh-


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        Guess I should take Maurice Purify off my list of starters.

        Effin' idiot got pulled over for a DUI, just barely a month after his bar fight. Sad to say, but if he is really that dumb, he is probably getting kicked off the team.


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          Malcom Kelly easily is my fav WR this year....and the top on my board

          -sig by jkpigskin


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            Originally posted by TPFKA#1SaintsFan View Post
            If Ricky gets his act together, he'll be in the mix. As of now he's got Alem and Tremain Johnson above him.
            Doesnt look like RJF will qualify...

            I hope Correly red shirts


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              Wake Forest-30 FSU- 0

              eat your crow

              QB-Riley Skinner. ACC freshman of the year
              TB- Micah Andrews (tore ACL and missed last year) In addition to Kevin Harris and rFR Josh Adams.
              FB- Rich Belton
              WR-Kenny Moore. Moves back to WR after filling in at RB
              WR- Kevin Marion. Honorable mention Demir Boldin comes off of being ineligible.
              TE- John Tereshinski
              LT- Louis Frazier
              LG- Matthew Brim
              C- Steve Justice. Best center in the ACC.
              RG- Chris DeGeare. 360 pounds of man.
              RT- Jeff Griffin

              DE- Anthony Davis
              NT- Boo Robinson
              DT- John Russell
              DE- Jeremy Thompson. Honorable mention Matt Robinson comes back from a knee injury in which previous too he was the best player on the line.
              OLB- Stanley Arnoux
              MLB- Eric Berry
              OLB-Aaron Curry
              CB- Alphonso Smith
              SS- Chip Vaughn
              FS- Kevin Patterson
              CB- Kerry Major



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