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  • Harris is a pocket passer. Dixon wasn't. He should stay healthy if the line improves.


    • Time to process this one...

      - What a roller coaster game first of all. I had 50 bucks on Miami and that will be the last time I ever bet on the Canes. They paid out nicely, but god damn that thing shaved some years off my life, LOL

      - I wonder what Patrick Nix thought of Whipple's offense tonight. Everything we had heard was true. He's a tremendous OC and I hope he stays for a very long time. I hope he's at least here for 2 more years as I've heard that Dorsey is going to join the staff next year. The shifts, the leak outs, absolutely beautiful playcalls at times tonight.

      - Passing on 1st down was the primary reason we won this game. It's the only reason we got ANY yards rushing, and we got 75% of our yards onthis down. Old Mickey thought we were going to pound it like we usually do on 1st down and he got burned many times with 8 in the box.

      - Jacory Harris, phenomenal. Not just the throws, but the poise. This team got behind him tonight and he led us to victory. You can praise Whipple all you want, but Harris still had to make the throws

      - Pipho needs to hit the bench. We've gotta have somebody better over there. Move Franklin there please. His errors aren't physical either, they were mental. Failing to pick up Greg Reid nearly cost us our season.

      - I am going to have some serious problems with Lovett's defense if he continues to rush with 4 guys. We don't have the rotation at defensive end to keep doing that all game and we got shredded in the 1st half. When we blitzed on 1st and 2nd goal during the goal line stand, Ponder air mailed 2 passes. We literally played 2 man under for 70% of the game.

      - This game is massive for recruiting. People needed to see this team take another step, and they did. Now we have to take care of business on the 17th vs Ga Tech. That team CANNOT beat us again.

      - If we burn 5 timeouts again, I am going to lose my mind. But I don't think that's going to continue. It appeared 2-3 of those timeouts were late subs on defense not getting on. That's gotta be the new system by Lovett. They'll work on that in practice.

      - Kick the damn ball off. I can't believe we pussed out like that. Miami teams don't squib it. Greg Reid really was phenomenal though.

      - Secondary is going to be a thorn in our sides all year. Randy Phillips was solid but got caught a few times. Shields was our best DB tonight. Our corners can't tackle at all. That has to improve.

      - Sean Spence was bad tonight. No way around that. He let a slow, white boy tight end beat him on a WHEEL ROUTE. He looked slow tonight. Lovett needs to let him do his thing out there. He was handcuffed a bit. He got in there a few times when it looked like he didn't have the TE on man.

      - As poor as the pass defense was, they sure stepped up on that goal line stand.

      - Let's go Canes!
      "Compadres, it is imperative that we crush the freedom fighters before the start of the rainy season. And remember, a shiny new donkey for whomever brings me the head of Colonel Montoya."


      • That really was an amazing game to watch! I'm way too tired to actually comment on the game so I'll leave it at go Canes.


        • Amazing game. I found myself rooting for Miami. Consider me a huge Jacory Harris fan.


          • Thoughts on the game:

            Jacory was amazing. Made a few bad throws that he had no business even attempting, but wow. Still some stuff to improve on though.

            James looked good, looked like he wore down throughout the game though. Coop was great on kick returns and had good runs when he had room, love the roll he is in, he is so explosive, hopefully this roll leads to more big plays for him. Chambers looked good, not much to work with though, would have liked to see Mike James get a carry. Pat Hill needs to do a better job lead blocking.

            Everyone looked amazing at WR. Benjamin was dynamite, Hank looks like a totally different player, AJ was solid as was Collier. Hopefully Byrd is ok. Epps looked really good, so glad he is healthy. Graham looks like he might turn into a solid weapon as the season goes on, big and athletic, was a bit lost blocking though.

            OL still needs work. Fox looked very good, Trump and Gunn were solid, Franklin was good but had mistakes. Pipho sucked, I really hope Franklin or Figueroa get a serious look at RT soon. Gunn looked a lot better than Figueroa, I was really impressed with him. Whole group needs to get better in the run game.

            Bailey dominated the entire game, was constantly in the backfield even with double teams. Vernon was very impressive, got good pressure throughout the game. Wesley was good against the run but didn't get much pressure, Robinson was good but inconsistent, needs to use more moves. Forston was really mediocre, Bailey would get double teamed and would still get further into the backfield, Hudson dominated Forston all game. He still plays too high and doesn't use his hands well. Regis made a couple of nice plays, as did Holmes. Joseph and Smith were average.

            None of the LBs looked good. Spence missed a ton of plays, McCarthy/Buchanon were ok (McCarthy made some very good plays in the run game) but didn't do well in coverage, Sharpton was completely worthless. No Arthur or Futch. I really hope Arthur gets reps soon, Sharpton seriously did not make a positive play all game, was out of position, missed tackles.

            Brandon Harris is so much better than last year. He's actually making plays on the ball, tackled very well. I was really happy with him all game. Shield played very well for his first game at CB, needs to improve fundamentally though. DVD looked ok before he came out. Randy Phillips was a pretty big disappointment. Missed tackles, blown coverages. Interception was nice but he needs to play a lot better if the pass defense is going to improve. Grant looked ok but had blown assignments, he tackled decently enough though. Jojo was bad, Telemaque needs to get back quick. Campbell was ok, hopefully he doesn't have to play much more though.

            Time outs and kick offs were insanely frustrating. Hopefully both were just week one issues. Can't afford to waste a TO right after an injury TO, really is inexcusable. Passing offense was amazing, tons of formations, used the middle of the field (!), no WR screens (!), no QB draws (!). Went deep, used crossing patterns, created mismatches, that really was just amazing. Did not like the tackle over runs, didn't work at all, OL/TEs looked lost. Run game needs to improve, really don't have any doubt that it will though. Whipple had an amazing debut.

            As amazing as the offensive game plan was, defense was that bad. I understand not wanting to get beat deep but those soft zones were awful. Blown assignments played a part but not bumping the WRs and playing 5-8 yards off every play was a big mistake. There was some blitzing but not nearly enough and none of the blitzes were effective. Defense reminded me of the offense last year, a lot of playing not to lose. Spence playing over the TE is really really dumb, probably annoyed me more than anything else. 6-3 245 tank or a 6-0 210 playmaker playing strongside, really makes no sense to me at all. Hopefully there will be a lot of changes fast.

            Absolutely amazing game, great way to start the season, long way to go though.

            That is correct comahan
            I ******* LOVE YOU DG
            <3 dg


            • Coaches always say you learn the most about your team between weeks 1 and 2, so hopefully they get a lot of these things figured out

              Love Coop in his role, would like to see Javaris split the load with Mike so they can both run hard all game
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              • I was looking for a college football team to support. I think I found it. Fantastic game.


                • Couple other things about last night, fullbacks were good.

                  For the bust that has been Tervaris Johnson, he put a hurt on a couple FSU linebackers last night. Let's hope he grows even more into that position. Pat Hill played well too, but he looks really out of shape. He should get into that weight room some more and drop that belly.

                  Favorite part of last night's game - after the 40 yard throw to Benjamin to put us on the 3, Jacory did a little strut after he completed it. I about died laughing.
                  "Compadres, it is imperative that we crush the freedom fighters before the start of the rainy season. And remember, a shiny new donkey for whomever brings me the head of Colonel Montoya."


                  • Originally posted by djp View Post
                    Couple other things about last night, fullbacks were good.

                    For the bust that has been Tervaris Johnson, he put a hurt on a couple FSU linebackers last night. Let's hope he grows even more into that position. Pat Hill played well too, but he looks really out of shape. He should get into that weight room some more and drop that belly.

                    Favorite part of last night's game - after the 40 yard throw to Benjamin to put us on the 3, Jacory did a little strut after he completed it. I about died laughing.
                    lol cosign. Harris was status


                    • I walked out of Doak heartbroken last night...still depressed.


                      • Just got back in town from Tally. Saw the game live and gonna watcht he tape replay now. Here's what I could see live:

                        1.) Brandon Harris is a beast back there. Was no his men like glue all night and played the run extremely well. He was very physical. If Randy Phillips gave him any sort of help over the top, he would have been the star of the game. You could tell he was taking the safe rout instead of trying to make the play because he didn't know if he was gonna get the help from over the top.

                        2.) The 1st play of the game pretty much told me exactly how this game was gonna go. Everyone was on pins an needles waiting to see what Whipple would do. Everyone thought he was gonna go after FSU hard. What does he call? A screen pass that caught the entire stadium off guard and goes for 20 yards. Brillant. He didn't reinvent the wheel, he stuck to bread and butter crossing routes, posts, RBs spilting to the slot and mixed in some things from there. But he kept them guessing and that's all you really need to do when you have the athletes we do.

                        3.) Don't judge Forston too harshly. He does have to do some work but 1st game, in that place matched up against All American Rodney Hudson all nite would make alot of people look really bad. Hudson is by far FSU's best player. Let's see how Forston bounces back.

                        4.) While all our offensive skill position guys played well. I think it's becoming pretty clear that the staff views TB3 and Coop as our 2 biggest game breakers.

                        5.) Regarding the kicking game. You won't see that happen next week. I think we under estimated Greg Reid and over estimated Jake Wieclaw. After the 1st kickoff, it was clear Wieclaw wasn't ready. He barely broke the 15 yard line with the kick. Bosher hadn't practiced kickoff is a couple weeks because Wieclaw was supposed to be the man. When we switched to Bosher who was out of practice, he ended up hitting a copuple line drives that gave Reid tons of time and room for potentially back breaking returns. Pooch kicks and squibs were the result of it all. Blame the staff for not having Bosher ready and for probably trying to force Wieclaw into a job he couldn't handle early. But really, that is the type of stuff you see game 1 of the season. All things considered, our team was alot less sloppy and looked much more prepared and well coached then a majority of other teams I watched this weekend. So let's give Randy and staff some credit there despite the kicking issues.

                        6.) Jacory Harris

                        7.) I don't expect to see us running alot of zone by this time next year. Believe me, Randy isn't recruiting big DBs like Ray Ray and Kacey Rodgers to have them chase guys in an area of the field. Within a year, you will see alot more man to man, bum and run coverages but we don't have the players for it right now. Not while we are still trotting out Chavez Grants, JoJo Nicolas and Sam Shields. Some of the issues will be fixed but we all knew DB was gonna be an issue coming into the season. Thank God the run D looked outstanding minus 2 or 3 runs in the 2nd half.

                        8.) We didn't get the pass rush we needed but this was the best line we will face all year (and could be the best in the country). They were really impressive. However, I dunno if anyone noticed either, the refs let this game get really physical and let the kids play. Alot of holding when uncalled. FSU RT Zerbie Sanders would clothesline our guys as the came off the edge all night and he basically ass raped Marcus Robinson on the Christian Ponder fumble without a flag being thrown. I love the physical play that the refs allowed. But I think you'd see a fair amount more pressure if our guys weren't getting held so much.

                        9.) My biggest concern: Outside of Colin McCarthey's outstanding work against the run, can you name 1 LB that did anything positive. We need them to step up in a big way or GT will tear us apart.

                        Overall, huge win and I can't complain one bit about our play. We looked crsip and well coached and the errors I saw seemed to be of the 1st game kinks and growing pains. We need work but I expect us to grow from this as the season goes on and we will be much better down the stretch. Can't help but have 4-0 in the back of my mind after seeing the aftermath of the VT (91 passing yards?) and OU( no Bradford or Gresham) games. This is about as promising a 1st game as anyone could have wanted.

                        Lastly. Give Randy a round of appalause for the team he has built in that locker room. These kids are tight knit, believe in each other and fight for one another. Most teams pack it in down by 2 scores late in the 3rd at Doak with an ailing QB. We simply came out and stuck it to them and props to the D for stopping them 7 times from the 2 to end that game after a questionable PI call on Brandon Harris. Those are some big steel ones to come back out and shut them down.


                        • Good stuff Joey. One thing I'll add about Forston is the DTs were getting doubled team all night, which was a good strategy IMO by FSU.


                          • Originally posted by djp View Post
                            I hope he's at least here for 2 more years as I've heard that Dorsey is going to join the staff next year.
                            Where is this coming from? Also I gotta disagree with you big time on Shields being our best DB, Brandon Harris was outstanding and clearly our best...


                            • Here is my take on the game.

                              First off, I had an AMAZING time in Tallahassee for the four days I stayed there. Partying everynight. Great town. I shaved my head and my buddy I stayed with said that I look like Christian Ponder LOL.

                              Now on to the game. The atmosphere was UNBELIEVEABLE. Great, great crowd. I lost my voice halfway through the first quarter. On my feet all game screaming my head off; doing the chop everytime the Warchant was played. It was the best atmosphere I've ever been in for any football game. With that said, I have never been so heartbroken/dissapointed after watching a football game. As soon as the ref said the play stands, I stood silent with my hands above my head. It made me absolutely sick seeing them run on to the field celebrating. Also, Miami has quite possibly the most classless fans I think I've ever encountered. Walking back from the game, I saw a Miami fan slug an FSU fan and proceed to run away when the FSU fan came at him. Other Miami fans saw it and one of them said "that's how we do it at the U." Really? Are you proud of the thug image your program has? If so, pathetic. I don't even think Florida fans could be that bad.

                              There were some positives that I saw in the loss:

                              -Christian Ponder is good. He progressed a hell of a lot this offseason. He made great decisions, great reads, and great throws. His decision making looks to be 1000x better than it was last season. He has definitely grown into the leader on offense.

                              -The recievers looked good. Especially Jarmon Fortson. He will be a great one for the next couple years. Richard Goodman also looked good.

                              -The pass blocking has improved.

                              -Greg Reid. Enough said. He is a future all-american and will be one of the best to play for FSU when it's all said and done. He should be starting opposite Patrick Robinson on Saturday.

                              -Dustin Hopkins looked great for a freshman kicker in a game with this magnitude.


                              -The defense as a whole. They looked awful. We haven't been able to cover the tight end for years now.

                              -Korey Mangum should not be starting rover. He is terrible.

                              -Jamie Robinson looked god-awful. He had a couple of big-hit opportunities and gave the recievers love taps. He was out of coverage a lot. He looked lost.

                              -The running game. I thought we didn't try to run the ball enough, and we definitely didn't run it well either. It was supposed to be THE strength of this team. But with the passing game working as well as it did, Jimbo wanted to put the ball in Ponder's hands.

                              -Drops in big situations hurt us as well.

                              -Special teams killed. It seemed like Miami was at midfield to start every possession.

                              -Clock management. It has killed us the last couple of years, and it killed us last night.

                              -Play calling in the redzone on the final drive was awful. Why would we run an option? Run it up the middle.

                              I don't understand how we can get beat so bad in man-to-man coverage. Those deep play action passes were wide open all night. I think we should have had one, or possibly two seconds left on the clock, but it doesn't matter.

                              Couple observations on the Canes:

                              -I'm still not a fan of Jacory. I know Cane fans will hang me out to dry, but anyone could have gashed our secondary with it being as bad as it is. He does have nice touch, though.

                              -Graig Cooper looks a lot better than he has the last couple of years. I haven't been impressed with him up until last night.

                              -Travis Benjamin will be a Seminole killer his whole career if we don't find a way to stop him. Very fast. Very good player.

                              Miami is a lot better than I gave them credit for.

                              I'm still depressed. This will take a long time to get over. Miami gets FSU in another heartbreaker. Great game, nonetheless.

                              Fire away.


                              • Whipple had aloooot of hype coming into this season, and he didnt meet it, he exceeded it. Absolutely amazing play callin. We did a great job executing, but whats amazing is that we still left some points on the field. Absolutely unstopable. Give that O-Line alota cred on that pass protection. Jacory had all day back their. Got 2 do a better job opening that middle tho.


                                Safeties didnt look like they were on the field. Need to get VT healthy. Good thing for us, we might not see another QB for a while.

                                ^ Agree. Mccarthy is the only LB that did anything. When he left, u saw Ponder get to use his feet. Spence had 1 of the worst games i seen him play. Im sure he steps it up against GT. Whats wiith Aurthor Brown? Havent heard about him in practice or anything.

                                D Line needs to be able to get some rush. As suspect as our secondary is, its huge.

                                I really didnt like the D as a whole tonight. Didnt see the intensity at all. Had some big hits, but it definitely didnt look like they were fired up from the TV. But they did step up at the end, when i had 0 faith at that time. Lots of credit to the D to step up in crunch time. And i could not ask for anything more from Whipple. Those WR recruits are going to come running.



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