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  • Originally posted by djp View Post
    "Well this is Melvin ******' Bratton and Alonzo Highsmith, and this is your ******* wake-up call, muther****a. And at high noon, we'll see your sorry ass in the Orange Bowl and we're gonna kick your ******' ass."

    In the background, Highsmith is screaming, "Yeah, son of a *****, kick your ass!"

    "Okay, dude, okay," Bosworth finally answered after a few seconds of silence. "That's fine, but why y'all gotta wake me up so early?"

    Bratton wanted to laugh, but instead screamed, "**** you," and slammed down the phone.
    Is this a true story??


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      • Phil Collins & the U ftw.

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        • The U up 14-10 right now keep it up we'll be right back into the top 10.


          • Huge win great game if it wasn't for that bs roughing the kicker penalty it wouldnt have been close. Big win canes


            • Originally posted by osirus96 View Post
              Huge win great game if it wasn't for that bs roughing the kicker penalty it wouldnt have been close. Big win canes
              One of the most pathetic calls I've ever seen. Refs almost handed the game away.....just let the boys play.

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              • From my tv Perspective I dont think he even touchef him herbie was even laughing at the call


                • Highlight of the game, Jason Fox driving Gerald McCoy 5 yards downfield on one of the big James runs. Amazing job by the OL against an amazing DL. James ran so hard, Jacory bounced back big, defense made a lot of big plays, Spence and Moncur were dominate, RAY RAY ARMSTRONG making plays. All while going against a great OU team and horrible refs. Great game.


                  That is correct comahan
                  I ******* LOVE YOU DG
                  <3 dg


                  • That right there was an amazing win. JJ looked as good as ever. The refs were trying to rape us so Im happy we got out of there with the win. I smell the BCS.
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                    • I figured OU was going to lose the game, they have looked terrible against teams not named Idaho State. Good game U

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                      Originally posted by BaLLiN72
                      i wish NFLDC had something like "wall to wall" where we could see Brodeur and Job's conversations.
                      Originally posted by Job
                      NFLDC would be jizzing itself non-stop.


                      • Ray Ray definately looked like a playmaker I hope he gets more playing time he looked better then Phillips he always seemed to be around the ball


                        • After all that was made of the schedule, 3-1 is very impressive.

                          Great win. The O and D Lines really stepped up and took over. I was glad to see J12 battle back after throwing the two picks. The front seven played great. They were just flying all over to the place making plays. I think they had 3 holding penalties on Allen Bailey alone. Offensively, for a team that has been very big-play oriented, I was very happy to see them be able to grind out a W by running the ball and using the short passing game.

                          And Ray Ray and VT. Damn they looked good tonight. Shotty the gif out Ray Ray blowing up Murray after the hurdle.


                          • Huge win !!!!! I was nervous as hell after J12's back to back int's. Big ups to Baby J, this is the best he's looked since freshman year. DL stepped up too, Allen Bailey and Marcus Robinson are our best defensive linemen. On the other hand does anybody know WTF happen to Big Boom ? He's playing like absolute sheet. 3 penlaties ????? Come on man ! Ray Ray Armstrong showed great tackling/hitting ability and nice instincts. Wanna see how he plays the ball in the air now.


                            • I just want to thank Va Tech personally for giving us the wake-up call we needed to win this game. We came back down to Earth and got a nice win today. It wasn't pretty, but I'll take a win any way I can get it! :)

                              I <3 Ray Ray.

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                              • HOW BOUT THEM MOTHER ******* CANES????!?! Yes sir!

                                Players of the game, just got back:

                                Micanor Regis and the entire D line. Dominated them, so ******* impressive. Nothing I enjoy more than watching a D line dominate a game, and that's what they did. Regis, Forston, we don't even need DBs with those guys. Gotta single out Micanor Regis though, he was collapsing the back field all game. Forston was dominate too.

                                Aldarius Johnson - Every single catch was a 1st down. Dude moves chains.

                                Ray Ray - It was only a few plays, but I don't care...Ray Ray has serious swag.

                                Javarris James - best game of his career? yes.

                                Brandon Harris - An amazing football player. Love this guy.

                                So pumped up.
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