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Best unknown recruit in the country.

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    Most Unknown recruit: Corey Watman plays C and LB and hes from Canada, Yeah I said Canada, 6,2 280 ,Benches 225 34 times, Max Bench of 415 Dead Lifts over 600, fastest 40 ran was a 5.3, Hes not just numbers either, Very smart makes minimal mistakes, Schools that were looking at him were Ole Miss, NC State and Eastern Michigan, Decided to go to Eastern and stay close to home, Its too bad he plays in Canada because I know if he was in Florida or Texas he would be in the Rivals top 50, Oh by the way he won 2007 O-Line MVP at the Penn St Nike Camp, And their were some good players their such as Terrelle Pryor and others, Also won 2007 O-Line MVP at Ole Miss Nike Camp, Yes he is on Rivals but is a 2 star recruit, Mainly because people feel the competition he goes against here is weak


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      Ill throw a Long Island name out there, Joe Sidaras QB, committed to Hofstra. The guy's led his high school to three conference I L.I. Championships. Lefty, 6-3, good arm strength, accuracy, speed. Hopefully leading Hofstra to some good things in the near future.


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        For mizzou check out Jerrell Jackson, 30 catches 14 tds, and 29.6 yards per catch. He didnt even have a profile on rivals until he commited. Mizzou always finds sleepers in texas this kid is next in line

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          I played in the superbowl this year at gillette and i stuck around to see his gave that was after mine and yes this is mass. and the competition is no where near FL, CAL, TX, or many of the major high school football states. But when i saw todman play he was something special. When he turns that corner say good bye. All i have to say is that people will say he is overrated beacuse he is from Mass. but Todman is god in Mass and i cant wait to for him to prove people like Joeyjr09 when he lights it up in the future.


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            Scout has him as a 2 star, Rivals has him as a 4. He looks more like a 4.
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              I live in mass. about 20 minutes from dartmouth high. where Jordan Todman plays. i think ive been to 3-4 of his games. I was shocked to see hes name on this website. I agree 100% to the post above saying hes a god in mass. He has increadible speed. And makes great cuts. I know he was being recruited by purdue, ucon and a couple others. and didnt no he chose ucon so good for him.

              Season stats: 2147 yards 11.42 ypc 33 td's

              many of the games he only played the first half - winning by so much. And everett i think has a player ian johnson rb going to bc so everett does have some talent even in mass.

              Actually in high school todman played olb, because most of the teams around here mainly run the ball

              And for a side note, the qb te and wr are all being recruited d1 from that school already for next year


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                AJ Price 2* prospect from Virginia. Has offers from a few schools. Was mainly a basketball player but was asked to join football his senior year and did. Has good size and speed. Could be a good player.


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                  I spent most of my life (ages 11-24, 26-27) in Massachusetts and I was always surprised that more guys from my area didn't get attention nationally. I went to high school with a kid that was 6'4" and about 260, solid as a rock, always in the gym, etc, and he was a great DT/OT for our school. I was really, really surprised that the best he could do was Assumption College here in Worcester.

                  Then I spent close to three years in Jacksonville, FL. I lived about 6-7 miles down the road from Ponte Vidra High School, where they had this QB that was supposed to be really good. I followed him pretty closely because there was controversy around the fact that he was home schooled and his parents moved him so that he could play for Ponte Vidra, and I never thought his stats were all that more better than some of the better players in the Central Mass area. Two years later, Tim Tebow won the Heisman trophy, and I started seeing third team all stars from Jacksonville going to schools like Southern Miss and North Carolina State. You know, schools that the player of the year in Massachusetts would have a hard time getting recruited to but aren't necessarily power-houses.

                  It's crazy how much of a difference there is to me. [/random observation]


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                    not an unknown at all, but Tommy Streeter is incredibly underrated, he will be a superstar, bank on it
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                      Originally posted by Joeyjr09 View Post
                      That only real thing that stick out to me is his speed. Everything about the kid is less then impressive except for the fact that he runs by guys. Rivals lists his speed as 4.45 which is good but it's not gonna get you to run by guys at the college level.
                      since when does legit 4.45 speed not get you running by guys in college? Why does everyone think that these guys are so freaking fast? Most guys in the NFL can't even touch 4.5 let alone 4.4 and yet theres always people talking about how 4.4 isn't even that fast anymore or how sec linebackers are all running 4.4s. 4.45 is fast as hell and he will certainly be able to run away from people in college. Not only that but most guys get a little faster in college from all of the workouts so I would expect him to be around the lower 4.4s at worst during his college career.


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                        For Penn State, A.J. Price and Jack Crawford. Crawford's 6-6 255lbs and runs a 4.55 forty


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                          For USF, I'd say Mark Popek. 6'7'', 310 Tackle who played in a great Plant City passing attack.


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                            Originally posted by Santonio10 View Post
                            For Penn State, A.J. Price and Jack Crawford. Crawford's 6-6 255lbs and runs a 4.55 forty
                            Crawford is a beast, he was a BC target and would've been a great pickup. His numbers are most likely a little inflated but I've heard good things about him and his film on rivals is good too. Supposedly he is a hell of a basketball player too.

                            One BC commit who is really flying under the radar is RB Eric Reynolds from Warrington, Pennsylvania. He officially measured in at 5-11 192 and has some great film and huge production. Reynolds, Josh Haden, Shane Turner, Issac Johnson, and possibly Christian Wilson and Terrance Robinson could all be great backs for BC since they lost every back after this season.


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                              Rather homerish, but I'm gonna say Hafis Williams.

                              He was a 2nd team Junior AA according to Rivals, but fell to a 3* when he didn't bother to send in film to any of the recruiting services. I think with film, he would have been a 4* or 5*.

                              Instead, he's being slept on.


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                                Originally posted by reigle9 View Post
                                I didn't even know you were talking about Todman. Todman is not playing in a league even close to one of the best in Mass, so take his highlights with a grain of salt. That said, he ran wild on the perennial top team in the state (Everett) in a loss in the state championship game. He carried his team the whole season, and that speaks a lot about him. He was probably a top 5 player in the state this season. I went to a Mass camp with him before my senior season and his junior season and he is not 5-10 185, he looked about 5-9 170 at the most at that time. I think he can contribute if he bulks up and goes to a team that well let him catch the ball out of the backfield and return some kicks. I think BC is a better fit for him than UConn because Logan's scheme is based on RBs who go out for passes instead of staying in to block. BC is starting to pursue him and I would be thrilled if he decommitted from Conn and came to BC.



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