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    Originally posted by Jonny View Post
    He's not enrolling in January. Redshirted this year due to injury.

    I've heard Bunche is 50/50 but we'll see.
    Watts is the one coming in Jan. Got them mixed up. So Tiller does have 3 years left because of the redshirt correct?

    Weve heard Bunche is locked up to us.

    He named us his leader early in the process. Committed to RU but kept talking to us. Decommiting from you and still keeps telling our coaches favorable stuff. He is expected to name a leader next week and we are expected to be it. He has been leaning to us the entire process. It would be an utter shock to most Miami followers if he doesnt end up here.


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      Originally posted by JoeyJr09 View Post
      Heres my final 9 for Miami at this point:

      TE- Ray Ray Armstrong, Sanford (FL) Seminole 4*
      OL- Jared Wheeler, Plantation (FL) Amercan Heritage 3*
      OL- Malcolm Bunche, Newark (DE) Newark 3*
      OL- Jermaine Johnson, Chatham (VA) Hargrave Military 5*
      DE- Dyron Dye, Sanford (FL) Seminole 4*
      CB- Demontre Hurst, Lancaster, (TX) Lancaster 3*
      LB- Greg King, Memphis (TN) Melrose 3*

      Plus 1 of:
      WR- Rueben Randle, Bastrop (LA) Bastrop 5*
      WR- Andre Debose, Sanford (FL) Seminole 5*

      And 1 of:
      OT- Andrew Tiller, Garden City (NY) Nassau CC 3*
      OT- Sheldon Richardson, St. Louis (MO) Gateway 5*

      Very confident on the 1st 6 listed. Not so much on King. However, I know we are looking for another LB and he seems be most likely option.

      Feel good about getting 2 of Randle, Debose, Tiller and Richardson with me leaning towards Debose and Tiller at this point. But those seem to switch daily.
      I would JIZZ IN MY PANTS if we got Debose! That guy is absolutely amazing. Honestly, I'd probably rather have him than Randle.

      Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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        QB: Kevin Newsome
        RB: Curtis Dukes
        WR: Justin Brown, Curtis Drake, Brandon Felder, Devon Smith, Christian Kuntz
        OL: Ty Howle, Eric Shrive, Nate Cadogan, Frank Figueroa, Mark Arcidiacono, Adam Gress
        DL: Sean Staley, Gary Gilliam, John Urschel
        LB: Jelani Jenkins, Glen Carson
        DB: Malcolm Willis, Darrell Givens, Stephon Morris, Stephen Obeng-Agyapong, Gerald Hodges, Jim Noel
        K: Anthony Fera
        ATH: Derrick Thomas

        This is updated. I believe we pick up 5 more guys.

        Here are 2 other guys I hope we can real in:

        WR Je'Ron Stokes
        WR Shawney Kersey

        I think we get Kersey if we offer him. I think we get two more recievers in Brown and Kersey along with CB Jim Noel(former BC recruit), and NY DL John Urschel.


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          Already Enrolled
          QB Tate Forcier
          RB Vincent Smith
          DL William Campbell
          DL Anthony LaLota
          LB Brandin Hawthorne
          DB Vladimir Emilien
          DB Mike Jones

          RB Fitzgerald Toussaint
          RB Teric Jones
          WR Jeremy Gallon
          WR Cameron Gordon
          OL Taylor Lewan
          OL Michael Schofield
          DL Craig Roh
          DL DeQuinta Jones
          DL Pearlie Graves
          LB Isaiah Bell
          DB Justin Turner
          DB Thomas Gordon
          PK Brendan Gibbons

          Not Yet Committed
          QB Denard Robinson
          WR Je'Ron Stokes
          DL Sam Montgomery
          DB Adrian Witty

          Montgomery is just a "gut feeling." I really have no idea if we land him or not, but I do know he is seriously considering us. If we keep DQJ and PG, and finish with those four it will probably push our class into the top ten.


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            Reid,Starling, Charles...all noles!
            we are on the rise baaaaaaby!
            Time for damn change!


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              Originally posted by WarrickNole View Post
              Reid,Starling, Charles...all noles!
              we are on the rise baaaaaaby!
              The most likely out of those three is Reid, followed by Charles. Starling shouldn't even be in the discussion. All UGA.


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                Already enrolled:

                Brandon Jenkins


                Justin Bright
                Gerald Demps
                Willie Downs
                JuJuan Harley
                Willie Haulstead
                Dustin Hopkins
                Demonte McAllister
                Jaccobi McDaniel
                CJ Mizell
                Henry Orelus
                John Prior
                Lonnie Pryor
                Xavier Rhodes
                Rodney Smith
                Bryan Stork
                Chris Thompson

                Left to commit:
                Greg Reid
                Orson Charles

                Slim possibilities(and I mean slim)
                Andre Debose
                Trent Richardson
                Gary Brown


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                  Already Enrolled:

                  OL- Jermaine Johnson 4*
                  OL- Brandon Washington 4*
                  CB- Brandon McGee 4*
                  RB- Mike James 4*
                  TE- Stephen Plein 2*
                  DT- Curtis Porter 3*

                  Currently committed:

                  DT- Luther Robinson 4*
                  DE- Dyron Dye 4*
                  DE- Olivier Vernon 4*
                  LB- Shayon Green 3*
                  CB- Jamal Reid 4*
                  CB- Kayvon Webster 3*
                  S- Prince Kent 3*
                  ATH- Ray Ray Armstrong
                  QB- AJ Highsmith 3*
                  RB- Lamar Miller 4*
                  RB- Bryce Brown 5*
                  OL- Jared Wheeler 3*
                  OL- Malcolm Bunche 3*
                  OL- Cory White 3*

                  Closing Prediction:

                  LB-Sam Barrington 3*
                  OL- Peter White 4*
                  TE- Billy Sanders 3*


                  OL- Marcus Hall 4*
                  TE- Sheldon Richardson 5*

                  Top 5 class.


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                    Have you heard anything new on Charles? Do you think we're serious about Terrell Mitchell (I assume no)?

                    sig by BoneKrusher


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                      Originally posted by etk View Post
                      Have you heard anything new on Charles? Do you think we're serious about Terrell Mitchell (I assume no)?
                      Mitchell will visit us before he signs but he's pretty much gone on record saying K-State will land him.



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