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Predict your class 2009

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  • Predict your class 2009

    Predict who you guys will select in the 2009 recruiting season.

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    Penn State

    QB: Tate Forcier
    RB: Tavon Austin
    WR: Jaleel Clark/ Justin Brown
    OL: Mark Arcidiacono/ Ty Howle/ Nate Cadogan/ Josh Hadel(if offered)
    DL: Jordan Hill(if offered)/ Sean Stanley(I am sure hoping)
    LB: Dan Mason/ Glenn Carson
    DB: Malcolm Willis/ Jordan Love/ Darrell Givens/ Stephen Obeng-Agyapong

    Ath: Curtis Drake (could play db, wr,qb)/ Craig Crawford(will commit if given an offer)/ Derrick Thomas

    Players I want:

    LB/RB Jelani Jenkins: If academics is really a big part of his decision, Penn State would be a great fit for him. Would play right away as a true frosh, or a RS frosh

    WR Je'Ron Stokes: He commited to Tenn, but I am hoping he revokes it after a good season by us and joins us.

    DE Deonte' Arnett: Him and Stanley would be studs on our dline

    What is yours?


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      guys in bold already committed (8 total)

      QB: tajh boyd
      RB: tavon austin
      OT: morgan moses, cole bowers
      LB: chris snook, jarod askew, bruno busick, aki vakahali
      WR: logan heastie, deon long
      DE: justin foxx
      DT: dominick davenport

      thats all i got now; vakahali hasnt verbeled yet, but was gonna come this year, but didnt get his associates degree, so he'll be coming in january; his cousin is gonna be a freshman this year, and his juco coach is now a ga here

      really want jelani jenkins---know hes visiting in the summer

      prob expect more verbals after our camp in june

      our insiders feel 90% of our class could be filled after the camp

      we have at least 20 schollies, but they think we'll have closer to 25 after transfers, etc

      cred 2 BoneKrusher


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        Jordan Whiting-LB****
        Storm Klein-LB****
        John Simon-DT*****
        Jack Mewhort-OL****
        Adam Homan-FB***
        CJ Barnett-CB****
        Chris Fields-WR****
        Jamie Wood-S****
        Dorian Bell-LB*****
        Jordan Hall-RB****
        Melvin Fellows-DE*****
        Corey Linsley-OL****
        Zach Boren-FB/LB***
        Jaamal Berry-RB*****
        Carlos Hyde-RB****
        Corey Brown-CB****
        Duron Carter-WR****
        Brandon McGee-CB****
        Vlad Emilien-S****
        Marcus Hall-OL*****
        Jonathan Newsome-DE****
        Pat Muldoon-DE****
        DJ Hunter-DB****
        James Jackson-WR****
        Corey Adams-DT*****
        EJ Banks-S****
        Some TE (Reid Fragel maybe?)

        I don't think we'll take more than 25 though. Maybe we sneak in 27 and spread out the eligibility.
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          QB: Tom Savage (verbal)
          RB: Desmond Scott
          RB: Josh Evans
          WR: Aaron Heyward
          TE: Paul Carrezola (verbal)
          OL: Jamal Wilson (verbal)
          OL: Mark Brazinski (verbal)
          OL: Isaac Holmes
          OL: Khalil Wilkes
          DE: Bernardo Nunez
          DE: Malcolm Bush
          DT: Michael Larrow (verbal)
          DT: Andre Civil (verbal)
          DT: Jordan Hill (verbal)
          LB: Gerald Hodges (Ryan Donohue or Kalial Glaud if we miss out on a target here)
          LB: Steve Beauharnais (verbal)
          LB: Glenn Carson
          CB: Logan Ryan
          CB: Jim Noel
          S: Duron Harmon or Abdul Smith
          S: Mohamed Sanu (verbal)
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            1.) Bryce Brown (5*) RB
            2.) Ruben Randle (5*) WR or NuKeese Richardson (4*)
            3.) Olivier Vernon (4*) DE
            4.) Luther Robinson (4*) DT/OG
            5.) Antwan Lowery (4*) DT
            6.) Billy Sanders (NR/should be 3*) TE/DE
            7.) Michael Carter (4*) CB
            8.) Brandon McGee (4*) CB (he's ours keylime)
            9.) Tevin McCaskill (4*) S
            10.) Lamar Miller (4*) RB
            11.) Orson Charles (4*) TE
            12.) A.J. Highsmith (NR/Should be 3*) ATH
            13.) Deron Dye (4*) DE
            14.) Riley Spencer (NR/Should be a 3*) OT
            15.) Jamal Reid (NR/Should be a 3*) CB
            16.) Logan Thomas (4*) TE
            17.) Anthony Steen (NR/Should be a 2*) OT
            18.) Jon Bostic (4*) LB
            19.) Rantavous Wooten (NR/Should be 4*) WR

            That's 19 which is the number we are said to be targeting at this point. The only ones on this list that have yet to recieve offers are Logan Thomas and NuKeese Richardson but both seem to be pretty big Miami fans that we are slow playing and will get in on heavier as things start taking shape later. We'll see how it plays out.


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              Originally posted by Jonny View Post
              DT: Antwan Lowery (Miami fans think they don't really want him)
              What are you talking about? He's been to just about all our camps this summer, he comes on campus all the time just to chill with the other players, he's great with the coaches and we've already offered him a scholarship. If we didn't really want him, we would not have offered him at all, much less this early in the process. Outside of Lamar Miller, he's probably the 1 kid that has yet to commit that Miami feels most confident about that will end up in our class.


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                i'll add rb caleb porzel and ath/wr xavier rhodes

                cred 2 BoneKrusher


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                  Originally posted by kwilk103 View Post
                  i'll add rb caleb porzel and ath/wr xavier rhodes
                  I'll be shocked if Rhodes ends up anywhere but FSU.


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                    This is who I want for ND

                    QB-Morgan Newton
                    RB-Theo Riddick
                    RB-Cierre Wood
                    WR-Uzoma Nwachukwu
                    TE-Jake Golic
                    OT-Xavier Nixon
                    OT-Eric Shrive
                    OG-Chris Watt
                    DE-Anthony LaLota
                    DT-Tyler Stockton
                    DE-William Ming
                    OLB-Craig Roh
                    MLB-Carlo Calabrese
                    MLB-Jelani Jenkins
                    CB-Jordan Love
                    SS-Mike Jones
                    FS-Terrance Bullitt
                    Chinese Democracy starts on November 23rd 2008!!!


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                      I doubt Jelani or Love go to Notre Dame.


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                        *=Already committed

                        QB- Russell Shepard*
                        QB- Chris Garrett*
                        HB- Mike Ford*
                        HB- Dexter Pratt (I love him)*
                        HB- Trent Richardson or maybe Christine Michael/Eddie Lacy
                        WR- Kenny Bell
                        WR- Reuben Randle
                        WR- Andre DuBose or maybe Kraig Appleton (not sure if we take three, but its possible if either one wants to commit)
                        OL- Josh Downs* (listed at DT but I think he'll play Center)
                        OL- Chris Faulk
                        OL- Carneal Ainsworth
                        OL- Possibly Xavier Sua Filo
                        OL- Henry Orelus*
                        DE- Michael Brockers*
                        DT- Chris Davenport
                        DT- Darrington Sentimore or JaMarkus McFarland
                        LB- Kevin Minter*
                        LB- Willie Ferrell*
                        LB- Tahj Jones
                        LB- Barkevious Mingo
                        LB- John Bostic/Chris Williams. We're taking 4 for sure, maybe 5
                        CB- Janzen Jackson
                        CB- Drayton Calhoun

                        Those are the guys I'm thinking we have a legit shot at right now. We'll end up with 20-23 scholarships this year, so I'm thinking this class is going to fill out rather nicely.


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                          Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
                          I doubt Jelani or Love go to Notre Dame.
                          Why would that be? Love camped at ND and was said that he would commit on the spot if given an offer. Jenkins is definitely more of a reach.
                          Chinese Democracy starts on November 23rd 2008!!!


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                            Originally posted by Axl Rose View Post
                            Why would that be? Love camped at ND and was said that he would commit on the spot if given an offer. Jenkins is definitely more of a reach.
                            Where did you see that Love would commit "on the spot" if given an offer? From what I read, Wake and Penn State are his favorites. He just got offers from Georgia and Florida and I would assume he would favor those two as well.


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                              Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
                              Where did you see that Love would commit "on the spot" if given an offer? From what I read, Wake and Penn State are his favorites. He just got offers from Georgia and Florida and I would assume he would favor those two as well.
                              There were 3 people who told the staff they would verbal on the spot if offered early in the year, Jake Golic was one of them.

                              The Irish staff will be visiting Love this month and will probably give Love an offer, we'll see what he does after.
                              Chinese Democracy starts on November 23rd 2008!!!



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